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Earthley’s NEW Products

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Ready to shop Earthley’s new products, launching Oct. 21, 2019?  Grab your new favorites here!

Choose from:

  • Anxiety Calm Oil (with or without CBD)
  • Pain Relief Rub
  • Herbal Detox Bath
  • Castor Detox Pack

All products are free of pesticides, colors, flavors, added sugars, and synthetic ingredients.  We take purity seriously!

Anxiety Calm Oil – optional

So many people struggle with anxiety and mood issues -- and it's no wonder.  In our busy, fast-paced world, we barely have a chance to catch our breath.  We need support to get through our days and feel calmer and better able to cope with these stressors.

Introducing Earthley's new Anxiety Calm!  We've taken three key adaptogens (lavender, lemon balm, and holy basil) and steeped them in organic hemp seed oil to create a keep-you-calm-and-balanced formula that really works.

Formula "A" is for Adaptogen, and contains the oils and herbs.  It does not contain CBD.

Formula "C" is for CBD, and contains 600 mg full-spectrum CBD per ounce.  Our CBD is sourced from Flora Sophia Botanicals, a farm-to-bottle operation that grows and extracts their CBD without the use of harsh chemicals.

Pain Relief Rub – optional

Experience true relief of back pain, muscle pain, joint pain, and more.  Our synergistic cream combines naturally pain-relieving herbs like St. John's Wort and yarrow with full-spectrum CBD.  Rub a small amount into the sore spot and feel better soon!


Our cream is free of parabens, acetaminophen, essential oils, and all synthetic substances.  Made with mostly organic ingredients.

Detox Bath – optional

One of the best ways to feel better while detoxing is to take a detox bath!  Most baths are based on salt or clay, which have their own uses.  Ours is unique, and based on herbs!

These herbs help to relieve pain, soothe rashes, promote lymphatic health, and improve sleep.  Feel refreshed after a relaxing bath!

Castor Oil Detox Pack – optional

Are you struggling to detox naturally?  Castor oil can help!  It has a long history of use in promoting wellness.  Our infused castor oil can detox your liver, relieve the pain of cysts, reduce joint pain, promote lymphatic health, and more.  It's easy to use, and made with 100% organic ingredients.  Comes with complete instructions!  One 4-oz. bottle will last for 20 - 30 uses.


Purchase an organic cotton cloth to use with your detox!  They are 4x6 and can be re-used about 20 times before washing and composted when no longer useful.  You can also get a Flax Heating Pad HERE.


Choose from Warm or Cool.  Scroll down to learn more about it!

What You Need to Know About Cannabinoids

These days, CBD is everywhere.  Literally.  But how do you know if it's for you...and how to select a quality product?  We dove into the science behind cannabinoids and specifically, CBD, and summarized all that research in this easy-to-read, FREE guide.  Grabs yours now!

$11.99 $0.00


Choose from:

  • Anxiety Calm Oil (with or without CBD)
  • Pain Relief Rub
  • Herbal Detox Bath
  • Castor Detox Packs


Varies; see individual product descriptions


Varies; see individual product descriptions


Varies; see individual product descriptions


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