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Soothing Skin Balm {Eczema Relief}

(89 customer reviews)


We wanted an all natural skin moisturizer that could effectively soothe eczema and when we couldn’t find one, we made this!. Our balm can provide relief from the symptoms of all dry skin conditions, from eczema to psoriasis and more.

Safe for all ages. Safe for use while pregnant and breastfeeding. Made with 100% natural ingredients. Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Nut-Free, Vegan. No Artificial Colors, Preservatives, or Fragrances.

 Cruelty free and never tested on animals; Leaping Bunny certified.



When you’ve got eczema, parched skin, or itchy rashes, you need relief. Earthley’s got you covered with Soothing Skin Balm! Our formula contains five simple ingredients that are naturally nourishing for a skin balm unlike any other on the market. We combine calendula-infused oil with thick mango butter to create a product that can help with any dry skin woe. With our natural balm, your skin won’t just be “healthy-looking,” it can actually be healthier. See for yourself!

Calendula was specifically chosen for it’s natural, skin-healing benefits. This amazing flower can soothe painful rashes while it’s anti-inflammatory benefits get to work.

Interested in trying out herbal supplements, but not sure what would be right for you? Check out Earthley’s Supplement Guide for more information!

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Handcrafted With:

  • Organic Mango Butter
  • Organic, Sustainably Sourced, Palm-Derived Glycerin
  • Organic Calendula Flowers
  • Apricot Oil
  • Candelilla Wax

That’s all, folks! Ingredients listed here are exactly what you’ll find in your product – nothing more, nothing less.


Rub a small amount on itchy areas or eczema patches once a day as needed.


Shelf Life: 1 year. Safe for ages newborn and up.  No known contraindications, except allergy to ragweed or any other ingredient.

These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.

89 reviews for Soothing Skin Balm {Eczema Relief}

  1. Sharon (verified owner)

    I love the smoothing skin balm. I like how it soothes my dry patches on my face. I also have used this on my husbands eczema, it has helped.

  2. Rebecca Ayers (verified owner)

    I bought this for my daughter who has mild eczema flares at times. It works really well to sooth those areas, and I feel like they heal much faster when using this.

    I also used this when I had a really awful sunburn. I had taken a picture of the burn just to show someone, without realizing that I would be completely amazed the next morning to wake up to zero burn or pain! The before and after pic is amazing! So glad I had this on hand at the time!

  3. Erin (verified owner)

    I recently bought this for my newborn as she was having bad baby acne that would evolve into a heat type rash when irritated . This stuff is so moisturizing without all of the crap that goes into lotions you can’t even pronounce. Bonus- I ended up getting shingles recently (apparently I should look into the anti stress stuff you guys have) . I did have to take meds for it, but I did use this to help with the itching and it definitely soothes my skin and makes it less irritating.

  4. Rachael (verified owner)

    Great at hydrating dry skin! It’s definitely greasy but it does lock in the moisture! Love how clean the ingredients are, too!

  5. Heather Bolan (verified owner)

    This is the only thing that has helped clear up my almost 2 year olds eczema! We had tried EVERYTHING! We started using this underneath another balm and it made all the difference. Thank you so much Earlthy for making a good clean product that has helped my baby so much!

  6. Jordan Long

    I use this product on my son that is crawling & it has kept away any rough patches that he would get on him from moving around so much

  7. Nancy (verified owner)

    Really love this product, originally bought it for my daughters eczema, which has mostly cleared up now, and we both continue to use it. I love it for my dry skin. It’s been the best product i’ve used for dry skin, smells good and a little goes a long way.

  8. Devon (verified owner)

    I am telling EVERYONE about this product! My daughter is 9.5 and has been suffering from eczema since she was around 3 yrs old. She has several food, pet and environmental allergies and we’ve never been able to pinpoint what has triggered her eczema. We’ve tried all the things: prescriptions, lotions, creams, everything! Honestly, I didn’t hold out much hope for the Soothing Skin Balm, but I was willing to give it a shot because my daughter has become more self conscious about her skin the older she gets. Well, I wish I could share a picture here! After one week of one (minimal) application daily, her eczema was almost completely gone! She’s been using it off and on since May 2020 and her eczema is totally gone now! We are SO, SO happy! I recommend this product to anyone who deals with eczema. Also, I SO appreciate the allergen information on the product listings. It’s hard to navigate products when you’re trying to avoid certain allergens, so I am so thankful that I can feel safe having my family use Earthley products!

  9. kirstie (verified owner)

    I bought this for the eczema I occasionally get on my hands. It did help relieve some of the itch and heal the dry patches.
    My only negative comment would be that I felt it was a little greasy. With my eczema being on my hands, everything I touched after putting on this cream would get a little grease mark.
    Overall, I would recommend this product.

  10. Jeanette Carrillo (verified owner)

    This has helped my daughter in a just a few times she’s been using it love the smell

  11. Anna Raposo

    My 5 year old son was born with extremely dry skin and we have used every product on the market for dry sensitive skin. Then I was introduced to this product. I will never use anything else. It has been the only product that has helped my son.

  12. Jennifer Deane (verified owner)

    This works great to calm down red, inflamed skin. My daughter has moderate to sometimes severe eczema & while it doesn’t get rid of it, it does help. It helps my dry, cracked, red hands in the winter as well. A little goes a loooong way & it has no real discernible smell.

  13. Amanda Barrett (verified owner)

    This does really work! The only downside for me is how greasy it is.

  14. Lauren (verified owner)

    Love this! With in 2 days, my skin felt much better. A week or so later, my skin is very very soft, the eczema is cleared, and my skin just feels better!

  15. browneyedgirlrl (verified owner)

    I love that a little goes a long way! For myself and my son, we use just a tad on our itchy spots and it soothes on contact!
    I’ve put it on my dry hands before going to bed and they’re still soft and smooth in the morning!

  16. Jessica (verified owner)

    I tried this for my son’s eczema and it works ok. It feels very smooth, but it leaves behind a sticky feeling that I didn’t like. Likely there is a lot of glycerin in the formulation. I appreciate the simple, limited ingredients.

  17. KAYTIRAE (verified owner)

    I used this to replace the petroleum-based lotion I was putting in my heels every night (Aquaphor). This is the only thing that has come close to keeping them soft!

  18. Amy (verified owner)

    I’m giving it 4 stars, instead of 3, just because I recognize I’m using it a bit off label. I have psoriasis, which is similar to eczema but needs to be treated differently. I’ve had psoriasis for 20+ years so I am a bit of a lotion connoisseur. This is a HIGH quality lotion for sure. Nice ingredients, goes on smooth, soaks in nicely, and your skin stays hydrated for a good amount of time. I suspect this would work well for eczema. It works ok on certain patches of psoriasis that are further along in their healing than others. However it is a HEAVY lotion and that often does not work well with my psoriasis. Heavy lotions tend to make my skin incredibly itchy and much easier to damage when scratched. That held true with this lotion, especially on my shins. I would love to see a lighter lotion, maybe coconut oil based, designed specifically for psoriasis. I would GLADLY buy and test such a product, as I love ALL of our Earthley products. We use the Elderberry Elixir for kids daily, and the immune aid. The lymphatic cream is amazing! Honestly I wouldn’t have tried this lotion if I didn’t absolutely love all the other products I have purchased from Earthley. Also, don’t let this review discourage you from trying it. I will be using this on my child’s eczema should he break out again and will continue to use it as a hand cream because it’s a nice lotion! Just wish it had worked better for my psoriasis & I’m hoping if I leave this review maybe I’ll see a psoriasis lotion in the future. 😉

  19. Tonja Clay (verified owner)

    THIS STUFF WORKS!!! I’ve suffered from eczema my whole life but the last few years it’s been horrible in the winter. I’ve tried everything! I’ve used dangerous steroid creams and other “natural” products, but this by far has worked better than anything else!! I’m so thankful I found Earthley!

  20. Carrie A Miller (verified owner)

    I bought this because I have rosacea. I have only used it a few times but my skin is so much softer and has calmed down the redness also. Great for my rough heels too. I put it on after a hot bath. Great product!

  21. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    My 2 year old has had stubborn & rough skin since birth. I put this miracle cream on three days ago, and her skin is still SO soft. This has never happened, and is blowing my mind. So grateful to have found this product and this company..

  22. Stephanie (verified owner)

    I was doubtful this product was going to work for me. My hands get extremely dry and flakey as soon as the temperature drops and the air becomes dry. Nothing has been working–even other natural products. Bought this as part of a bundle and figured I’d give yet another product a try. It works though! My hands are soft and smooth! It actually absorbs into my hands without leaving them super greasy like lotions do.

  23. Allison (verified owner)

    My husband likes it so much i had to order the larger jar!!

  24. brianadrudge (verified owner)

    My nephew has severe eczema, and I put this on him every day. This has helped so much to heal his skin and prevent more. He got sick and it got very severe and we continued applying it everyday and it really made him itch less. He’s only 6 months old, so he’s being held a lot and passed around, It is a little sticker then I’d like but with the results I honestly couldn’t care less.

  25. Beth Rogers (verified owner)

    I love this for my eczema and super dry winter hands. Works VERY quickly. My eczema was cleared up in 3 days.

  26. Jess (verified owner)

    I didnt like it at first because it felt greasy. I learned that I was using too much. I’m loving it now!! My hands get severely dry and cracked in winter and this lotion helps so much!!

  27. Julia (verified owner)

    I do not have eczema, but I was looking for an affordable, natural product to use as a night cream for my hands, especially for the backs of them. My hands tend to get dry in the winter, painful at times. I use a mild hand soap at home and keep natural lotions by each sink so I can easily rub some in after I wash my hands. But I also like a good, deeply moisturizing lotion/cream to apply at night so it can soak in and heal all night long. This product does it for me. I have been extremely pleased with it. My hands remain very soft all day now, even all winter. We do have mild winters where we live, but I’ve also used this on my children’s hands at night after they’ve been outside playing on windy days, when they’re hands get red and chapped. This product ( along with reminders to apply lotion after hand washing) clears it up after a night or two.
    I will say that it can be a but greasy and that might be off-putting to some people, but it does not bother me and I have had wonderful results with this product.

  28. Rachel (verified owner)

    We love the soothing skin balm! My son suffers from eczema and this is the only skin salve that soothes and heals his cracked, chapped, raw, red skin. The smell is mild and he tolerates it well. I also use it for my hands, it goes on slightly oily but it soaks in quickly. A little goes a long way!

  29. slaurie37 (verified owner)

    I love this, I’ve been using it on my dry spots that I get and they are actually going away. Couldn’t be happier!! Will be ording more in the future.

  30. Kristina Miller

    I cannot say enough good things about this skin balm!!!!! My baby girl had a few patches of eczema on the back of her arms. I applied this to the spots and I noticed a huge difference the next day! It seems to leave a sticky/greasy residue so I only apply it at night before putting her jammies on so as not to chance ruining her clothes (I’m not sure if it would but just being cautious).

  31. Shelby Mayes (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing! I have had dry, bumpy spots on the backs of my arms since I was young — we tried several different creams and ointments over the years, nothing really worked long term. Although I have only been using this for a few weeks, I have noticed HUGE improvements. It feels super nice on too! I also use on my daughters dry skin and feel good about it being a clean, natural product when I put it on her.

  32. Melissa Blake (verified owner)

    Where do I begin! I ordered this because I have family members who have psoriasis. I had read the reviews, several using it for eczema, and thought I would give this a try! Whats the worst that could happen right? So I got the lotion and had my sister put a bit on her psoriasis on her chest. By the next morning it was lighter in color, within two days the dry, scaley patch was almost gone. We were quite amazed at how quickly it worked. Fast foward to about a week ago. My grandson got a cold and had a super red sore nose that he kept putting cold water on because it was so sore. He is only five, so he really didnt want me to touch his poor little nose. I asked if I could put some lotion on it, he said yes, so I did. The next day he came up for a visit and his nose was noticibly less red and sore. He asked me to put more lotion on it “cuz it made his owie better”, I did! Today his nose is no longer red or sore. He still has a cold and is using tissues often. I LOVE this product!

  33. Chelsea (verified owner)

    So impressed with how fast and well this product has worked on my daughter’s eczema. Her skin is about 75% better after only using this cream 1x/day for 4 days. Wish I would have tried it sooner instead of wasting months and money on the several other products that claim to help but fail to do anything.

  34. Luava P (verified owner)

    My little one has eczema and it causes her to scratch till she bleeds. Honestly I wasn’t going to use this on her because I thought it would be leave an oily residue but it absorbs in her skin really good. The best thing about using Soothing Skin Balm is that you don’t have to use a bunch of Soothing Skin Balm to cover the dry areas on your skin. So far she hasn’t scratched her body yet. It is such a huge relief to see her not scratch herself to relieve the itch.

  35. Daphnetyler23 (verified owner)

    Miracle balm. Nothing else has touched my sons head to toe exzema. Thank you!!

  36. Nicole Wells (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing! My five year old has eczema and was covered from head to toe. We tried many different products before this with little to no improvement. After using the Soothing Skin Balm for 3 days, his rash was 75% gone. After one week, it was completely gone. I am thrilled that he finally has relief from the constant itchiness. Thank you!

  37. Jami (verified owner)

    LOVE this stuff!!! My twins have severe eczema and we tried soooo many things with no results! One use and I could see results! During the cold months and flare ups we use daily, and when not, we don’t use at all. Before using this product we couldn’t go a single day without using something (anything) and all those other product were like a bandaid on a wound that needed stitches. Other products and prescriptions worked enough to make it tolerable but this stuff does so much more!! I’ve waited awhile to leave this review as I wanted to be sure it was accurate…we’ve been using this for over a year now and each jar I buy seems to last longer and longer!!!!

  38. Jenny G (verified owner)

    I wish I could include photos in this review! My 3 year old daughter has struggled with eczema during the dry months (summer and winter, both), and nothing has really worked for her. One brand of lotion at Target helped soothe it, but not really heal. Medicated creams seemed to irritate more. This stuff soothes her skin so well; after just two days of using twice a day, her little cheeks and chin looks so much better! And she says it doesn’t hurt, which is major improvement on anything else we’ve used! I really do wish I could include before and after photos for just the two days of use … very scary and red before, and after it’s just a hint of red and you can tell the skin is healing, but no more scales! Thank you, Earthley!!

  39. Jennifer Dominiak (verified owner)

    Every year when it eats windy and even slightly cold, my son breaks in out his cheeks. Last weekend he got wind burn during family pics at a Christmas Tree farm. I pulled out this balm and it immediately helped. I use every evening in his cheeks. And lips too. Works nicely.

  40. Stephanie Rivard (verified owner)

    I really like how great this works on my daughter’s eczema! I would give 5 stars, my only issue is that, for some reason, all of a sudden the lotion has a bunch of little white balls (for lack of a better description), making it almost impossible to apply to my daughter, as they don’t blend into the skin very well. Not sure if it’s one of the ingredients just hardening? I’ve even tried stirring it. Hoping someone from Earthley sees this, and has a recommendation.

  41. Katherine George (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing! Moisturizes without blocking pores and instantly reduces redness! A friend of mine let me try this product, and I immediately went online to purchase the largest size available! Blessedly, a little goes a LONG WAY, so it’ll last me for quite some time.

  42. Samantha Rule (verified owner)

    This cleared my son’s eczema up OVERNIGHT! He had very bad bumps and flakes on his forehead, cheeks, and legs. After applying it once before bedtime, he woke up bump-free. Seriously a miracle!

  43. Melissa (verified owner)

    I have mild eczema area from time to time. This calmed the itching by the second application.

  44. British Getzendanner (verified owner)

    This product has been a lifesaver past few days! My daughter has VERY sensitive skin and after a day in the local pool, her entire body had the chlorine rash 🙁 I gave this balm a try and it calmed her itching immediately!!!

  45. Jordan Kirkpatrick (verified owner)

    This product did irritate my skin where I have eczema, BUT my eczema was being triggered by food eczema and this just wasn’t the right product for it (the all-purpose salve stick is though!!!). Would still recommend to have on hand for dry skin

  46. Ashley Ray (verified owner)

    I bought every product under the moon for my sons eczema. This is the only thing I have found to make a difference. A little goes a long way and it feels so good! My son loves this product as part of his nightly routine.

  47. Emily (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing. My son has a patch of mild eczema that was completely cleared up in about 2 weeks using this daily. It’s great for cold, chapped hands too!

  48. Brenda Good (verified owner)

    Love how the feels on. Works great on my granddaughters eczema

  49. Nichole Hoch

    I absolutely LOVE this balm! My children are swimmers and swim throughout the year. A combination of the water and colder weather seems to really cause their faces to get chapped. I put this on there face when they get chapped and by next morning they are completely cleared up. I have also used this on my dry hands and legs = one word – Amazing!!!

  50. Kristi J (verified owner)

    I just received this a few days ago and have been using it on a crazy winter-only rash on/between my fingers that happens every year. It is totally gone in just a few days… hoping the next few equal smoother skin in that area, but I’m thankful it could actually make a difference on the pain and itching of the excema-like winter rash! Will add this to my list of things to re-order!

  51. abalarezo116 (verified owner)

    This is the only product we feel super safe using on our children’s face and it works so well. They struggle with eczema and it’s very soothing!

  52. Dawn Jolly (verified owner)

    Works on my baby’s rough patches like no other, thank you!

  53. Kayla Russell (verified owner)

    This healed my dry , cracked hands so much ! Even my husband loves it too !

  54. Erin (verified owner)

    My little is prone to dry, chapped nose and cheeks during the winter. Both from the child, and excessive tissue use. Nothing helps, so out of sheer desperation, I grabbed a sample size… We CANNOT live without this! We left it at a restaurant, when it fell out of a pocket, and had to drive back across town to pick it up! Then my mom tried it, and now I’m ordering for 2! Definitely recommend!

  55. Brenda (verified owner)

    Our family is very pleased with this salve. I wrote a few weeks ago about using this product on a skin cancer growth and how we believed the product was a game changer for getting rid of the growth for my husband. Again, thank you. Now an update: a family member had been dealing with a nasty wart on the foot for almost four years. Tried every natural remedy that we could think of & nothing worked. Conventional treatment of toxic chemicals, burning, or cutting just really didn’t resonate with us. So we had a TCM practitioner suggest monk fruit with alternating applications of vinegar. It was working but really making the foot sore. Then, we started liberally applying this salve to the area: this restored the inflamed, peeling area and the foot is almost back to normal. We absolutely love this product. Thank you for it!

  56. Ranelle Moles (verified owner)

    I love this stuff. I need lots of moisturizing cream on my body and this works amazing. I sometimes just use coconut oil, but this has more substance and lasts a lot longer.

  57. DRM (verified owner)

    The Soothing Skin Balm is a great product. I’ve been using it on my 1 year old son to help with eczema. It keeps his skin very clear. I also use it on my hands, especially after using the exfoliating soap (the one with poppy seeds in it). The combination of both of these has made it so that I no longer have dry, cracked, bleeding skin on my hands. And they now look very healthy. I highly recommend the Soothing Skin Balm.

  58. Kelly S (verified owner)

    Currently taking accutane, it has wrecked havoc on my skin and being dry from the inside out. This product has kept my skin moist and feeling great. A common side effect is dry, red hands. One day of using the soothing skin balm and my hands have felt great!

  59. Lori Gotelli (verified owner)

    I use this for myself and on my 2 yr old. My hands get so dry, cracked and even bleed during the winter months. This balm has been such a help in preventing that this year.
    My 2 yr old has dry skin and will wake herself up at night itching her belly and sides. We put the balm on as part of our bedtime routine and she sleeps much better with it.

  60. Danielle Hofer

    My almost 2 year old son suffers from eczema, especially in the winter months. We have tried so many creams and ointments but this one is by far our favorite!

  61. Jessica (verified owner)

    My oldest child and I get really dry hands, especially in the winter. Our fingertips and knuckles are often covered in painful cracks, but since we started using this balm, we have far less splits and more healthy skin on our hands.

  62. Kara Warner

    Worked great on my daughter’s chapped cheeks. Back to smooth and hydrated in a matter of a few applications.

  63. Tiffany Paff (verified owner)

    We really love this for my whole family. It has healed my son’s drooly chapped cheeks & chin from winter/teething. As well as my cracked over washed hands. Love that it doesn’t have coconut oil like so many other balms do. Coconut oil makes our skin worse. Also thankful for it’s clean ingredients so that I can feel safe using it on delicate areas like my son’s cheeks.

  64. Karen (verified owner)

    I have suffered with dry, cracked, bleeding hands every winter for years…this balm stopped the dryness, healed the cracking, and my hands are whole, soft and nourished! So thankful for this!

  65. Brenda Good

    Goes on smooth. Smells great

  66. Michelle L. (verified owner)

    I bought this for my husband. He had severely dry skin and it was itching like crazy. I mean 2 weeks and he was scratching it so much it bled! Nothing would help him with that itch! I got this in the hope that it would help and boy did it! He put this on and within 2 days – 2 days – the skin healed and it stopped itching. Great stuff! I use it on my dry feet in the winter and they feel better than they ever have.

  67. Tamara Henion (verified owner)

    Rename this: MIRACLE CREAM! I wish I could submit photos to show you. My son’s inner elbow had a huge flare up of eczema. NOTHING was working, not until this. Day 1,2,3,4 and GONE. I use it on dry hands, elbows, feet-whatever. Love, love this stuff. Highly recommend. ~Tamara

  68. Angie (verified owner)

    I have horribly sensitive skin. I have to carry soap in my purse to use when I’m not at home, or my hands will get red and dry enough to get painful cracks from the harsh ingredients in most soaps. It has been so hard for me to find a lotion that does not cause a reaction. I am so thankful to have found this Soothing Skin Balm! It actually does soothe my dry skin instead of irritating it like most lotions do.

  69. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I use this on my daughter’s eczema and on my hands when they get dry enough to crack. Great product!

  70. Kayla Courson (verified owner)

    My husband uses this after he shaves his head. He has psoriasis and eczema it really helps to keep his skin smooth and flair ups to a minimum.

  71. Shannon B (verified owner)

    This works wonders on my son’s very dry spots and chin rashes from drool. Nothing else had worked for me until I found this. It usually takes care of the issue in 2 applications (sometimes 1). I even got my husband to try it on his extremely dry patches and he uses it every night now.

  72. Meagan (verified owner)

    My 6 year old was struggling with extremely dry, cracked skin at the beginning of the winter, and regular lotion just wasn’t cutting it. Got some of this to try and slathered it on before bed the first night after it arrived – by morning you almost couldn’t tell his hands had been so dry! My toddler had also struggled with patches of dry, irritated skin on the lower back area due to irritation from wearing pull-ups at nighttime. A little of this on those spots before bed has kept them at bay!

  73. Jodie Jackson (verified owner)

    Living in western Canada, our winters are insanely dry and cold… which means cracked, super dry skin. This balm has saved me, mt husband and my daughter on more than one occassion. Its even been used as a diaper cream! Will never go without this in our house!

  74. Toni (verified owner)

    I have been buying your products for some time now and when I came across this product, I decided to get some for my husband. He has eczema and nothing really helps. He has seen improvement after just a few uses and he is now a believer! Thank you!

  75. Sara Tella (verified owner)

    I like how it’s organic and can be used for any skin problems. Helped the diaper rash and itching from eczema. I love earthlys product and how I feel confident with using them bc I know they’re made well. There’s so many skin care stuff on the market and some you can’t trust! This one you can!

  76. Rachel (verified owner)

    My 1 yr old suffers from eczema and dry skin on his face. No other ointments worked for him. My sister recommended I try the soothing skin balm so I gave it a shot! This skin balm is amazing! It soothes his cracked skin, smells good and doesn’t irritate him when I put it on (like other otc ointments he has been prescribed). It has helped his skin immensely!

  77. Nikki (verified owner)

    Seems to help initially – wish it had a more lasting affect. It also doesn’t come with very much for the price, but beside that it seems like a nice product without a strong scent or greasiness.

  78. Sarah (verified owner)

    I’ve used other lotions that are natural and have toxic free ingredients but this one by far has been the best. I used it on my 9 month old for his super dry skin all over his body and in one night after applying it looks like his skin has never been dry!! Amazing!!!

  79. Wendy (verified owner)

    The soothing skin balm is fantastic! It works, well, to keep my dry legs moisturized during the winter months. I’m so grateful to find a product without coconut oil, so it’s safe for our whole family to use. No other product has worked until this one.

  80. Teri (verified owner)

    I have really dry skin and live in the northeast and it has been really cold since Christmas I thought I was going to go crazy with my skin but I mix this with my other moisturizer and skin feels great.

  81. Vickie (verified owner)

    Great product! It is wonderfully moisturizing and a little goes a long way! Works great on dry, cracked hands and feet.

  82. Brenda (verified owner)

    Our family’s experience with this product has left us thankful & very grateful! This summer my husband was diagnosed with basal carcinoma and had some “spots” removed. One area had been cut off twice, and he was going into have it cut off a third time when this product came into our lives for the first time. He liberally applied it to the hard-to-remove growth for several days, and while showering, the growth came out of his forehead. We give God the glory for healing him, but the use of this product coincided with a much needed extraction. I rarely write reviews; however, I felt that I should say something in case others might be helped. We are so thankful to you for this product! God bless you for it!

  83. Dana (verified owner)

    My son developed eczema really bad this winter, and I tried almost everything.
    I decided to get this and after four days of applying it his eczema is gone!! I am thrilled.

  84. jenred813 (verified owner)

    First time trying it and I love it. Perfect for dry skin in the winter. It’s so smooth too and applies nicely without feeling greasy

  85. Trisha (verified owner)

    This is the first thing that has cleared up my son’s eczema. We got pressured into getting him his 2 month vaccines, and immediately afterwards he was covered in full-body eczema. He was itchy, uncomfortable, and it looked really bad. After trying everything OTC we could find, some hydrocortisone, and ever some other natural remedies (colloidal oatmeal, oatmeal baths, coconut oil, etc.), we finally ordered this. It’s actually working! If I stop once the eczema is gone it starts to come back, but we’re working on doing a gentle detox for him, and altering my diet to see if anything I’m eating is affecting him through my milk. In the meantime, though, this keeps his skin soft and smooth like a baby’s skin should be.

  86. Laura (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing! I’ve had eczema on my hands on and off for the last decade with the past few months being particularly bad. Cutting dairy has helped resolve the underlying issues, but this stuff instantly stopped the itch and irritation that was slowing the healing process (I couldn’t help but scratch and reopen the skin). A small amount goes a long way!

  87. Wanda (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing! cleared my baby’s dry skin even the rough patches on his chubby cheeks. He also approves. How do I know because he licks it every time I try to apply it! Thank you Earthley for offering great products we can trust!

  88. April Hallila (verified owner)

    I’ve tried so many things for my 1.5 year old & this is the only product that has worked! Almost instantly. Within days I saw results. No more scaly, dry skin, redness or irritation. Thank you so much!

  89. Catlyn (verified owner)

    My middle child has severe eczema. She has a very strong steroid that is prescribed to her- but chemicals, there is a reason she can only use it for 10 days at a time.
    This is a great alternative, with her skin being so sensitive, regular lotions irritate and burn her, this doesn’t, and I have found her reaching for this before pulling out the “big guns.”

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