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The New Mama and Baby Line

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We couldn’t be more excited about our new mama and baby line.

When you’re expecting, or have a new baby, it’s important that everything be as pure, natural, and safe as possible.  This is a particularly fragile time in life, so avoiding harsh chemicals is a must!  Yet, pregnant women and babies often have some unique needs, so using nothing is not really an option.

That’s why we’ve formulated truly pure, clean, safe products, meant just for mamas and babies.  From conception through postpartum, we’ve got you covered!

Save 5% off your first order of anything in the Baby or Pregnancy/Postpartum categories with code NEWMAMA!  Only through Friday, 11/18.

The New Mama and Baby Line

Here’s what’s in our new line!

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For Pregnant Mamas

Nourish Her Naturally — Our answer to prenatal vitamins.  Enjoy the natural vitamins and minerals found in whole organic herbs.  We don’t use anything synthetic or any fillers at all.  It’s just whole foods, with their synergistic vitamins and minerals.  Nourish your body, completely naturally!

Soothing Belly Butter — As your belly grows, nourish and protect that stretched skin!  This belly butter is designed especially for pregnant women, with a combination of mango butter, cocoa butter, comfrey-infused grapeseed oil, and rosehip seed oil.  These oils and butters are known for their skin-soothing properties, and may help prevent stretch marks.

Pregnancy Tea — We couldn’t resist!  Our blend is unique, with a base of naturally caffeine-free rooibos tea, mixed with raspberry leaf, nettle leaf, dandelion, and catnip.  The tea is a powerhouse of nutrition that’s excellent for promoting a healthy pregnancy.  Try our unflavored (use as a base for herbal kombucha if you like), or lemon-ginger (for sensitive tummies).

Mama’s Magnesium Dream Cream — A little goes a long way…but pregnant women need their magnesium!  It helps to promote restful sleep, normal growth and development, and relieves occasional constipation and leg cramps.  Don’t be without it.

Mama’s Tummy Relief — Dealing with morning sickness?  We can help!  Our formula helps to ease queasy tummies and help you feel better.  Supports a healthy pregnancy.


For New Mamas

Postpartum Soothing Spray — After birth, lady bits tend to be sore.  Soothe them naturally with this awesome spray!  It’s cooling and soothing and promotes healing.

Milky Mama Soothing Salve — Are you prone to soreness or clogged ducts while breastfeeding?  This is a must-have!  It helps to soothe those sore spots and clear up clogged ducts before they turn into something worse.

Ease the Ache — After pains, be gone!  This helps to reduce cramping and pain, so you feel better.  (It’s great for period cramps later on, too.)

Breast Balm — Sore nipples due to breastfeeding?  Not anymore!  This salve is super simple, and completely baby-safe (so no need to wash off before feeding).  Soothes sore, chapped skin naturally.

Herbal Soothing Bath — After birth, relax in a nice, warm bath with your new babe…and add these herbs to soothe the sore bits and promote faster healing!

Save 5% off your first order of anything in the Baby or Pregnancy/Postpartum categories with code NEWMAMA!  Only through Friday, 11/18.

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For Babies

Herbal Baby Powder — A special blend of three powdered organic herbs.  It helps to promote healing of the cord stump, plus it’s great for diaper rashes.  Use a little in those luscious baby folds so that drool doesn’t lead to irritated skin!

Baby Balm — Perfect for diaper rash, small cuts, or just about anything.  Mom can use it, too, on burns or dry skin!

Infant Tummy Calm — Little one feeling gassy or uncomfortable?  This is just what you need!  Three organic herbs in a glycerin base to soothe upset tummies fast.

Teeth Tamer — When your little one’s teething, it can come with fussiness, lack of sleepy, and irritability!  Not to mention pain for the little one.  This is a completely natural, herbal remedy that helps him or her feel better, fast.

Kids’ Coconut Milk Soap — The gentlest, most nourishing soap available.  This is perfect for babies and kids, because it cleans without stripping their skin of necessary oils.

Save 5% off your first order of anything in the Baby or Pregnancy/Postpartum categories with code NEWMAMA!  Only through Friday, 11/18.

Our Commitment to Clean

We don’t believe in using harsh chemicals with mamas and babies.  So, we never do it!  We don’t even use essential oils in our mama and baby products; only whole, organic herbs.

That’s why our products are the safest around.

We know that it’s possible to create products that have no:

  • Harsh chemicals
  • Preservatives
  • Colors or flavors
  • Detergents
  • …anything else you wouldn’t want on your skin or your baby’s

Our products are so safe, you could eat them.  And, you’ll recognize every single ingredient in them — no need for chemistry book to tell you what it is or if it’s okay.  That’s our promise.

Makes a Great Gift

If you have a new or expectant mama in your life, we’ve put together some gift bundles for you.  Of course, you can feel free to create your own, too.  These pure products are a great way to give a new mama a healthy start — and her baby, too!

Save 5% off your first order of anything in the Baby or Pregnancy/Postpartum categories with code NEWMAMA!  Only through Friday, 11/18.

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