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Our Philosophy

At Earthley, we have a very simple philosophy: all families deserve access to truly clean, natural, and affordable health and wellness products.


What is Truly Clean and Natural?

There are tons of other companies in the health and wellness area out there – companies that make body products, supplements, and more.


The problem is, a lot of them use ingredients that are straight-up not that natural.  It’s easier to use emulsifying wax or preservatives or gums, because products come together more easily and they last longer.  Sometimes they’re cheaper to make.  At Earthley, we don’t do these things.


Even companies that mean well and try to be natural, really aren’t.  They’ve bought into a Westernized idea of what’s “natural.”  


Did you know that turmeric, one of our favorite ingredients, naturally contains curcuminoids?  Those make up about 3% of the total weight of the turmeric, and the most abundant of them is curcumin.


Companies that like to say they’re “natural” will extract that curcumin and put it into their supplements in very large, standardized doses (up to 95%).  I mean, it’s derived from an all-natural herb, so therefore, it’s natural, right?!


Not really.


We think nature is smart.  We think there’s a reason that curcuminoids are an entire family and not just one ingredient.  We think there’s a reason they’re found at a 3% concentration, and not a whole lot higher.


This is how most ingredients are.  Their “active” components are no more than 5 – 10% of their total weight, and sometimes less.  There are a whole bunch of reasons why whole herbs — which vary a bit by season, growing location, and more — have a lot of different components, and not just the ‘active’ one.


We think that using the true, whole, variable plant and banking on the power of nature is much smarter, and much safer than extracting one single compound.  That’s what Western medicine does, it isn’t really safe at all!


Just look at meadowsweet — it contains a form of salicylic acid.  In whole herb form, meadowsweet is gentle, safe enough for children, and soothes upset stomachs.  But isolated salicyclic acid can cause stomach irritation or bleeding and isn’t safe for children at all!


Or, look at red yeast rice.  In its whole form, it can help balance cholesterol levels.  But when you extract the “active component,” you get statin drugs — responsible for the poor health and even death of thousands (or millions) of people!


See, whole plants have buffers and synergistic compounds that make them safer.  They’re not standardized, but people aren’t standardized either!


Learn more about what we do and what we use at Our Ingredients or Our Sources.



All of our products are formulated and/or approved by an herbalist.  Our owner has been studying herbs for over 8 years, and using them on friends and family almost as long!

There are many different kinds of herbs out there.  Some are very safe for almost everyone, in almost any dose.  Others can be quite dangerous for some or all people if used incorrectly.


We think that the average person shouldn’t need to do extensive research to know that they’re not going to hurt themselves with a natural product.  That’s why we don’t use herbs that may be considered dangerous.  Almost all of our herbs are in the “safest” category.  We also list known contraindications on each product, so that you can make an informed decision.


Of course, if you have any special medical needs, you should talk to your health care professional before using any of our wellness products.  None of our products have been assessed or approved by the FDA, and neither have any of the statements on our website.



We think that everyone should be able to afford these whole, natural products.  What good is creating something awesome if only the elite can access it?


That’s why our prices are as low as they are.  An average $40 order is going to consist of 5 – 10 products.  Most of our items are in the $5 – $20 range, with some lower and some a bit higher.  You’ll find them more affordable than comparable products.


It’s important to us that everyone be able to improve their family’s health and wellness…naturally.


Protecting the Environment

Our efforts to preserve the environment for our children and future generations is just one important way that we continue standing up for personal liberty and freedom.

Here’s some steps that we have taken to become more eco-friendly: 

  • Carbon offsetting production and shipping items
  • Using recyclable containers
  • Composting all the herbs we use to make tinctures/infusions
  • No animal testing (Leaping Bunny certified)
  • Planting trees (We have planted 20,000+ trees!)
  • Recycling containers and boxes in our warehouse (Recycling 80% of the waste produced by our manufacturing facility)
  • Using and sterilizing cloth towels to clean up instead of paper

If you have any questions about our philosophy, you can feel free to email us.

Need Natural Remedies?

Grab our Natural Remedies Cheat Sheet for complete info on how to get started using simple, make-at-home remedies for sniffles, tummy aches, and more.

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