Christmas Cookie Whipped Body Butter

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Sweet-smelling, luxurious, whipped body butter will keep you in the holiday spirit while nourishing your skin with two simple ingredients. Our all-natural body butter smells like holiday baking and candy and is made with natural essential oils unlike other holiday body butter that might delight the senses, but is full of chemicals. Like all our products, our whipped body butter never includes artificial fragrances, or any other artificial ingredients.


Cocoa Body Butter to Keep Your Skin Nourished & In the Christmas Spirit All Season Long

  • We use the best of nature’s ingredients to make our all-natural body butter — cocoa butter, apricot oil, and more.
  • Our whipped body butter will keep your skin nourished and healthy all season long.


We have to say, we have a love-love relationship with our all-natural body butter, and we think you will, too. Our whipped body butter is creamy, smooth, and so amazing for hydrating your skin in any season.


Intense Hydration Using Only Four Ingredients

It starts with a base of cocoa butter and apricot oil — two deeply nourishing plant-based oils that will leave your skin soft and not sticky, like some butters can. We then blend them together to form a whipped dream of a lotion that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Then, we add vanilla oleoresin and peppermint essential oil. These oils scent the body butter naturally, so that you smell as amazing as you feel — it’s like holiday cookie and candy in a jar! Use this body butter daily, and enjoy the way your skin feels.  You’ll never go back to regular lotion again!

Keep Your Skin Hydrated All Season Long

We recommend using this body butter after a shower to lock in moisture, as well as any time your skin feels dry. Keep it in the bathroom to use after washing your hands, so that your skin stays soft, and even keep a jar at work. However, Earthley’s all-natural body butter smells so delicious, you may have to share with your coworkers!


Rub a small amount of our all-natural body butter on skin as needed. A little bit goes a long way.


  • Cocoa butter
  • Apricot oil
  • Vanilla oleoresin
  • Peppermint essential oil


Rub a small amount of our all-natural body butter on skin as needed. A little bit goes a long way.


Safe for ages 2+.

3 reviews for Christmas Cookie Whipped Body Butter

  1. Amanda Austin (verified owner)

    I LOVE the Christmas Cookie scent!!!! It smells like Peppermint stick ice cream!!! My husband loves it too, but says now he wants to eat his hands! 🙂 The whipped body butter is so smooth! Very easy to put on, and I love that it only has 4 ingredients!!!! Definitely something I will be giving to people for Christmas gifts, and so much better than the junk from bath and body works!

  2. Krystin Morse (verified owner)

    Smells delicious! I like to use it every morning before I get dressed as a ‘perfume’ which doubles as a great moisturizer! Yum!!

  3. Katie Yungen (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness…. you really knocked it outta the park with this one! I want to buy all the Christmas Cookie Whipped Body Butter and have it for all year round…. if there’s any left after I eat it! Lol just kidding I’m not eating it, but it really does look and smell that lucious!

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