Ease the Ache {Women’s Cramp Formula}

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Ease the Ache uses the natural power of herbs to help relieve unbalanced hormones, pain, bloating, heavy bleeding, and more. Cramp bark, red raspberry leaf, motherwort, and nettle combine to create the best natural remedy for periods and postpartum afterpains. 



• Eases cramping, pain, and postpartum afterpains

• Balances hormones

• Herbs rich in vitamin K


Free of:

• Artificial flavors

• Allergens (soy, corn, dairy, tree nuts, gluten, peanuts, sesame, fish)

• Preservatives


Our Brand Promises:

• Vegan

• Made with 100% organic ingredients

• Non-GMO



Many women struggle with heavy bleeding, painful cramps, bloating, backaches, and mood swings during their cycle. Ease the Ache is the natural remedy you’ve been looking for!

Four herbs in a base of organic cane-derived alcohol (Original) or vegetable glycerin (Alcohol-Free) unite to provide natural relief for periods and postpartum pains. Ease the Ache was formulated with herbs that are rich in vitamin K to help slow heavy bleeding, ease cramping and pain, balance hormones, and more. For extra hormonal support, try Postpartum Balance!


  • Eases cramping and pain
  • Herbs rich in vitamin K
  • Tones the uterus
  • Calms bloating
  • Smooths out mood swings
  • Relieves “that heavy feeling”
  • Helps with postpartum afterpains
  • Helps provide pain relief
  • Supports postpartum recovery
  • Supports and balances female hormones
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Full of vitamins and minerals
  • 4 herbs
  • Liquid benefits (vitamins and minerals are easier to digest and provide more benefits than tablets, where binders and fillers must first be broken down)

Free of:

  • Artificial colors
  • Artificial flavors
  • Allergens (soy, corn, dairy, tree nuts, gluten, peanuts, sesame, fish)
  • Added sugars
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Preservatives
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Fillers
  • Binders
  • Natural flavors
  • Potassium sorbate
  • Sodium benzoate
  • Xanthan gum
  • Folic acid
  • Synthetic vitamins

Our Brand Promises:

  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free (produced in dedicated facility)
  • Dairy-free (produced in dedicated facility)
  • Made with 100% organic ingredients
  • MTHFR-safe
  • Non-GMO
  • Made in the USA
  • Whole food promise
  • Family-owned

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Complete Ingredients:

  • Nettle leaf*
  • Red raspberry leaf*
  • Cramp bark*
  • Motherwort*

In a base of cane-derived alcohol* or vegetable glycerin* and filtered water.

*Certified organic ingredients


Begin taking Ease the Ache at 1 full dropper per day, 2 – 3 days before your period is supposed to start. Continue taking it once per day until your period ends. You can take it 2 – 3 times per day during the worst cramping. For postpartum use, take 1 dropper full every 3 – 4 hours for the first 2 or 3 days or until afterpains stop.


Shelf Life: 2 years. Safe for ages 8+. Not safe in pregnancy. Safe while breastfeeding.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.

89 reviews for Ease the Ache {Women’s Cramp Formula}

  1. jacqui.livingston (verified owner)

    I used this for postpartum cramping after giving birth to my fourth baby and it was a miracle worker! I hardly experienced any pain. I still have a ton left of the 1oz bottle I purchased so I’ll definitely be using it for period cramps.

  2. Celine Martin-Diaz (verified owner)

    I dont get heavy period cramps but I do get really bad ovulation cramps on some months. I used this and it helped me, I will say that sometimes my cramps are just crippling and it doesn’t work then. I rather use this and OTC pain pills. For my period I get milder cramps and this works. Helps my mood too since when youre in pain your usually moody

  3. Kylie Slipsager (verified owner)

    My favorite Earthley product! I’m 31 with terrible periods. I have fibroids and heavy, painful periods. This lessens the bleeding and takes the edge off the pain. I will not let myself run out of this product.

  4. Summer D (verified owner)

    I am not joking when I say “Thank you Lord!” everytime I’ve taken this product. I’m 31 years old and have had bad periods since the 5th grade. Not one Dr has ever diagnosed me with anything, most of them just say I’ve got to live with the pain. It’s really pathetic that it’s 2020 and women are STILL being told to suck it up and deal with menstrual pain. The only thing that remotely works for my pain has been ibuprofen and a heating pad. I have tried cramp bark on its own, but it was a miss. This stuff is liquid gold in my opinion and it tastes just fine. I got the alcohol free version. The shipping was fast and the price is right. You now have a customer for life Earthley!

  5. Meghan (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing! I have severe cramps every month, usually peaking a few days in, making it very difficult to function. Ease the Ache made my cramps much more manageable.

  6. Lizzie (verified owner)

    Bought this for postpartum after-pains! The after-pains were much worse with baby#2 than baby#1 (as I had been warned) so I’m so glad I had it! I also get my cycles back really quickly postpartum, so I’m 4 months postpartum and already on my second period. The first one surprised me a little, so I didn’t take Ease the Ache 3 days in advance like I wanted. It certainly helped some with that first cycle, but it helped SO much more for this second period, since I was able to take it 3 days in advance too! It definitely helped lessen the volume of flow as well. I am used to the taste of herbal tinctures, so I just squirt it straight into my mouth with no water. I don’t think it tastes that bad at all! Definitely will continue taking it!

  7. Noah Christiansen (verified owner)

    I may revise my review if things are different next time, but my experience with this product was that it didn’t help. I had no negative effects, it just didn’t seem to help with any of my menstrual symptoms. I am hoping next time it will help. I love Earthley and the products. I will try again and if nothing else, I’ll save it for someone else who may have better luck.

  8. Jennifer Deane (verified owner)

    I have been either pregnant or nursing for the better part of the last 14 years, so I’ve barely had a period. Previous to children I had PCOS & horrible periods: PMS, terrible cramps & they lasted forever (9 days was not abnormal). I’m 45, so I may be premenopausal, but since starting this tincture, my periods are still irregular, but I’ve gone from 7 days of heavy bleeding & several days of light bleeding to 1 1/2 days of heavy bleeding & several days of light bleeding with NO CRAMPING WHATSOEVER! And my period is virtually over in 36 hours, which is AMAZING! Thank you, Earthley!

  9. browneyedgirlrl

    While I think the taste of this is horrible, it eased my cramping for sure! I squirted the drops in just a bit of water to make the taste more tolerable. I did take it several times in the day, but I’d rather take something natural over Midol!

  10. Katie J (verified owner)

    I have endometriosis and the pain that I’ve always suffered during my period is so much better! This is a really great product!

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