Gut Health Oil


Promote overall gut health, fight candida and parasites, and bring health back into balance with gut oil!  Made with four, simple organic ingredients.  No colors, fillers, flavors, or additives of any kind.  Vegan, gluten-free, not tested on animals (as with all of our products).



Gut health is a huge topic these days, and for good reason — our health starts in our gut!  Many people find that an unhealthy gut is related to:

  • Mood issues
  • Low immunity/frequent illnesses
  • Low energy
  • Skin rashes
  • Poor digestion
  • …and more

Our Gut Health Oil is made with four simple, organic ingredients.  These ingredients help to fight candida, parasites, and bring the gut back into balance.  They also promote immunity and reduce inflammation.

Use Gut Health Oil as part of a gut-healing protocol to improve overall health and wellness.


Made with four simple ingredients:

  • Coconut oil*
  • Pumpkin seed oil*
  • Whole cloves*
  • Calendula*

*certified organic ingredient


Take 5 – 10 drops per day, slowly increasing until gut health improves.  (May start with as few as 1 drop per day depending on symptoms.)


Shelf life: 1 year.  Safe for ages 1+.  May be used in pregnancy and while breastfeeding.


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