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Which Earthley Supplement Should I Take?

Here at Earthley, we have so many different clean supplement options that many wonder, “Which are best for my family?”

Check out this quick guide to see what would be most beneficial for you!

Balance Me

What it’s for: To promote better mental clarity and focus, increased energy, and to be safe and beneficial for those with MTHFR.

Who it’s for: Kids with ADD or ADHD, autism, MTHFR.  Adults with the same, or who need improved focus on the job.

Is it safe?: For kids ages 2+.  Alcohol-free.


What it’s for: To promote gut health and help with leaky gut symptoms.  Best for large-intestine health.  Also helps with occasional constipation, diarrhea, or indigestion.

Who it’s for: Kids ages 2+ and adults who deal with leaky gut symptoms.

Is it safe?: Ages 2+.  Safe in pregnancy and while nursing.  Contains alcohol.

Digest-Support {Digestive Bitters}

What it’s for: To support healthy digestion by increasing the natural production of stomach acid.

Who it’s for: For people who struggle with digesting food properly or have acid reflux or unexplained diarrhea/constipation (not related to an illness).

Is it safe?:  For kids ages 1+.  Safe while pregnant/nursing.  Contains alcohol.

Elderberry Elixir

What it’s for: Boosting overall health to ward off cold and flu symptoms; fighting cold and flu symptoms if they develop.

Who it’s for: Babies ages 6 months+ to adult.  (Kids under 2 are better with the kids’ version, but both are safe.)

Is it safe?: Babies 6 months+.  Original version contains alcohol; Kids version is alcohol-free.

energy plus iron

Energy Plus {Herbal Iron}

What it’s for: The herbs are a naturally rich source of iron, as well as vitamin C and some B vitamins.  C helps to increase the absorption of iron, and many people seeking these are also in need of more B vitamins.  B vitamins and iron both help to promote increased energy.

Who it’s for: Anyone seeking more energy and/or looking to raise their iron levels naturally.  Babies, children, men, women, pregnancy/nursing.

Is it safe?: Safe from ages 6 months+.  Alcohol-free.


What it’s for: For boosting the immune system to help fight off any symptoms of illness.  Used at the onset of symptoms or after exposure.

Who it’s for: Everyone ages 1+.

Is it safe?: Yes, for ages 1+. (Some use it with babies who are on solids, in tiny doses.) Contains alcohol.

Immune-Support Vitamin C Powder

What it’s for: To provide natural, whole food vitamin C with bioflavanoids and antioxidants.  Best for daily support rather than in times of illness, as it’s not a “mega dose.”

Who it’s for: The whole family.

Is it safe?: Safe for ages 6 months+ (or when on solids).  Safe for pregnant and nursing women.

Liver Love

What it’s for: To promote healthy liver function, supporting natural detox.

Who it’s for: Adults and kids who struggle to detox effectively or need liver support in particular.

Is it safe?: For kids age 2+ and adults.  Caution in pregnancy/nursing as it contains peppermint, which could stimulate the uterus or reduce milk supply in sensitive women.  Contains alcohol.

Mama’s Magic Milk Boost

What it’s for: Increasing a healthy milk supply.

Who it’s for: Nursing women.

Is it safe?: Safe while nursing, but not safe during pregnancy.  Contains alcohol.

mama's morning mojo

Mama’s Tummy Relief

What it’s for: To ease upset tummies from morning sickness, and promote health and energy during pregnancy.  Also beneficial for upset stomachs at other times.

Who it’s for: Pregnant women.  May also be used by kids and adults for indigestion.

Is it safe?: Yes, for ages 1+, and during pregnancy and nursing.  Alcohol-free.


Nourish Her Naturally

What it’s for: Nourish Her Naturally is our version of a “multivitamin,” made entirely with herbs!  It’s rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and more.  Plus vitamins like B-complex, C, etc.  Red raspberry leaf also helps to balance a woman’s hormones and promote a healthy pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Who it’s for: For women in any stage of life.

Is it safe?: Safe for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and people of all ages.  (Kids can take this too.)  Alcohol-free.

nourish me naturally

Nourish Me Naturally

What it’s for: A nourishing, herbal “multivitamin” that’s rich in a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.  Provides energy and nutrition.

Who it’s for: Nourishing for the whole family!  Kids, men, women.

Is it safe?: All ages 6 months+ (or whenever baby starts solids). Alcohol-free.


Postpartum Balance

What it’s for: To promote hormone balance in women, especially after having a baby.  Seems to be best when estrogen is dominant.  May be used at times other than immediate postpartum.

Who it’s for: Adult women, pre-menopausal.

Is it safe?: Not safe for use during pregnancy.  Safe while nursing.  Girls 13+ if they have reached menarche.  Contains alcohol.



Sinus Saver

What it’s for: The relief of seasonal allergy symptoms, or for the relief of cold or sinus infection symptoms.

Who it’s for: Kids age 2+ and adults.

Is it safe?: For kids ages 2+ and adults.


Sleepy Time

What it’s for: To promote relaxation, calm mood, and restful sleep.  Does not cause drowsiness; simply relaxes so sleep comes more easily.  May also be used for ADHD to promote calm mood.

Who it’s for: Kids and adults with anxiety, ADHD, or difficulty sleeping

Is it safe?: For ages 1+ and adults; safe for pregnancy and nursing.  Alcohol-free.





What it’s for: To promote urinary tract health, and relieve symptoms of a UTI.

Who it’s for: Kids and adults with concerns about urinary tract health.

Is it safe?: For kids ages 2+.  Contains alcohol.


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