Q: What is Earthley?

A: Earthley is a newer business, created by the team at Modern Alternative Mama.  Readers in our community have asked for years if we offered our DIY recipes for sale — since not everyone is ready for DIY!  We’ve always said no, but the demand grew.  Our goal is to help people achieve their health and wellness goals in an affordable way, so now we’re offering our most popular products via Earthley!  We also partner with other companies who share our mission and offer their products at excellent prices — businesses like Plant Therapy, Dropi, and more.

Q: Why do you only have a limited number of products?

A: Having products that are of the highest quality and handmade is important to us.  This means that we carefully work to formulate our products and don’t release them until they’re truly the best they can be.  It takes some time to create and test products, as well as to hand-make them, so our stock is limited.  As we see consumer demand for specific new items, and as we can formulate a top-quality option, we will release new products.

If there’s a specific product you’d like to request, please let us know via chat or the contact us form!

Additionally, we’re very picky about the companies that we partner with, so it takes us awhile to vet them and we don’t work with just anyone.

Q: Where do you get your product formulas?

A: We have extensively studied herbs and natural remedies (but have no formal certifications) and we formulate based on what we know, and what works for our family.  It’s not unusual for our formulas to go through 3 – 4 (or more!) versions before we are ready to release them.  Most are products that our family has used, in some version, for years.  

Q: Do you make your own products?

A: Yes!  If it’s branded as Earthley or Modern Alternative Mama, it’s something that we handmade in our office.  We don’t outsource our work at all.

Q: What ingredients do you use in your products?  Are they organic?

A: We use only pure, unrefined ingredients in our products.  Some are certified organic, and some are not, but we look carefully for non-GMO and unrefined.  Our glycerin (in our glycerite/kids’ tinctures) is non-GMO and derived from palm.  Our alcohol (in our tinctures) is non-GMO certified and derived from cane sugar.  All of our herbs are certified organic.  About half our essential oils are certified organic.  Our oils and butters in our soaps and lotions aren’t organic, but are unrefined and natural.  We do not use any preservatives, colors (except what the natural oils or herbs provide), fragrance oils, or other unnatural ingredients.

Q: Why are there slight variations in my products, or slight imperfections?

A: It’s the blessing of the handmade — it’s never exactly the same!  We promise that any slight variations or imperfections are cosmetic only and do not affect the function of the product.  For example, one batch of coconut milk soap got a few white spots in it, from coconut milk that wasn’t quite blended in well.  It works just fine, it looks a little funny.  We think of it as, you know it was made by a person and not a machine. 🙂

Q: When can I expect my product to ship?

A: Usually within 1 – 2 business days, unless the product is backordered (which will be stated in the description, as well as in your order confirmation email).  Most products are in stock, but sometimes things can run out.  Most items can be made fairly quickly, but soaps and tinctures need 4 – 6 weeks to cure or steep.  If this happens, we will email and let you know.

Q: Do you offer _____?

A: Maybe! Our items are always changing, so check back every week or two to see what is currently available. If there’s something specific you’d like to see, customercare@earthley.com and let us know. If there’s enough demand, we might just make it!

Q: How can I get notified of new or upcoming sales?

A: Please join our mailing list below.  You’ll be the first to know when new deals launch!

Q: What if I order and need to cancel it?

A: Please email us at customercare@earthley.com, and we will be happy to cancel your order and refund your money.

Q: What if I want to add to my order?

A: Go ahead and submit a second order. We will contact you to confirm that you meant to have two, and refund any unnecessary shipping charges. Soon, we will have a portal where you can login and simply update your order as needed – we’re building that now!

Q: What if I want to return an item?

A: If a item arrives damaged or missing any parts, or is the wrong item or quantity, please contact us immediately and we will fix it. If you simply don’t want the item, then items that are in original packaging can be returned. Opened items may not be returned, sorry.

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