Exfoliating Skin Cream

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Nourish your face with a gentle cream that moisturizes and exfoliates in one. Earthley’s Exfoliating Skin Cream provides essential nutrients and moisture that enrichs your skin while removing dead skin to unveil your radiant, healthy skin. Enjoy a water-free product that utilizes all natural ingredients and never uses fragrances, parabens, sulfates, or polysorbate 80.



Looking For the Best Natural Exfoliant? Your Search Is Now Over

  • Nourish dry and damaged skin, while killing acne-causing bacteria, and getting rid of dry skin.
  • Removes dead skin to allow for more effective penetration of natural oils

Ready for the Softest Skin Ever? Try our Exfoliating Skin Cream!

This new cream is unlike anything else out there. We’ve combined three natural skin oils that deeply nourish dry and damaged skin with raspberry seed powder, which gently exfoliates. We also added rose-geranium essential oil, which helps to kill acne-causing bacteria and leave skin looking fresh and clear!

Remove Dead Skin to Reveal Healthy, Radiant Skin

Once the cream is rubbed into the skin, the tiny bits of raspberry seed help to slough off dry, dead skin cells without being harsh or causing irritation. Then, the oils penetrate the new, healthy skin to nourish and moisturize it naturally!

The result? A fresh, glowing face with naturally beautiful skin!

This natural exfoliating cream won’t clog your pores and is safe for acne-prone skin.

Why We Don’t Use Water

Most skin care companies make products that are mostly water — which doesn’t actually nourish your skin. What it does do is create a thinner, cheaper product (that they charge you a premium for anyway). When you add water, then you also have to add synthetic emulsifiers, preservatives, and other ingredients that don’t benefit your skin at all.

We think there’s a better way — a cleaner, simpler, and more effective way.

Skin Care With Natural Ingredients: Why Earthley Is Different

We’ve thoroughly studied the properties of different oils, so we know what different skin types really need. Unlike other companies, we don’t just claim coconut oil does it all.

Try our entire skin care set too!


  • Organic hemp seed oil
  • Organic argan oil
  • Kokum butter
  • Rose-geranium essential oil
  • Raspberry seed powder


Wash skin with warm water, then apply the exfoliating skin cream, massaging into skin for a few minutes to exfoliate, focusing especially on dry spots. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then wash off and apply moisturizer or serum.


Shelf Life: 1 year. Safe for all, ages 2+.  Safe while pregnant and nursing.

7 reviews for Exfoliating Skin Cream

  1. Jessica

    I’ve only used this a few times, but i really like the gentle exfoliation from this. It feels so good to rub on my face, and my skin feels so nice afterwards.

  2. Krystin Morse

    I’ve been using Earthley products for a few years now and just discovered this gem. It has been amazing for my fave during these dry winter months. Easily a new favorite for me!

  3. Megan Hemingway (verified owner)

    I do love this cream. It feels amazing. However, I was disappointed when I saw that you had to rinse it off and follow with a moisturizer. I didn’t realize this when reading about it. I had just run out of my “moisturize me” cream and so I wanted another cream and got this. But now I still need a moisturizer since this is a rinse off item.

  4. Katy (verified owner)

    I loved this product, it made my skin soft and cleaned it well. But I was quickly disappointed when after just a few short uses it began to mold bad. Ny the 4th time I opened the jar and the wholenlid and product was covered in nasty mold. I had to throw almost an entirely full jar away. What a waste of money.

    • Earthley

      We’ll be in contact about this! If water is introduced, sometimes it can mold. But we’ll help. 🙂

  5. Jodie

    I absolutely love this scrub! It smells heavenly, and the scent lasts quite awhile on my skin doubling as a nice “perfume”. It leaves my skin soft and moisturized. I just wish I could get an 8 oz tub of it!

  6. Katherine (verified owner)

    This is the best exfoliating cream by far. I have sensitive skin and other exfoliating facial scrubs leave my face red and irritated. This is so gentle on my skin and works wonderfully! I follow up with washing my face with the 3-in-1 bar soap and my face is as soft as can be with no irritated red splotches that other brands would leave behind. Absolutely amazing!

  7. Lori (verified owner)

    This stuff smells heavenly!! I love it , it’s a must try
    I actually don’t rinse it off or wipe it off, I leave it on after applying.

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