Pain Relief Rub

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Experience true relief of back pain, muscle pain, joint pain, and more.  Our synergistic cream combines naturally pain-relieving herbs like St. John’s Wort and yarrow with full-spectrum CBD.  Rub a small amount into the sore spot and feel the relief within minutes!

Safe for ages one year+. Safe for use while pregnant and breastfeeding. Made with 100% natural ingredients. Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Nut-Free, Vegan. No Artificial Colors, Preservatives, or Fragrances.

 Cruelty free and never tested on animals; Leaping Bunny certified.


When we jump on a train, we do it right. So when we jumped on the CBD train, we knew we had to make our products better than the rest. Our natural rub is a combination of infused hemp oil and full-spectrum CBD (containing less than 0.3% THC)  in a base of kokum butter. The rub is rich and easily absorbed, helping the CBD and pain-relieving herbs get to where they’re needed quickly.

Our CBD is sourced from Flora Sophia Botanicals, a farm-to-bottle organization.  Their hemp plants are grown without chemicals, and the CBD is extracted with pure ethanol.

Each 1-oz. jar contains 100 mg of CBD.

All About The Herbs:

St. Johns Wort, Yarrow, Ginger, and Rosemary were all chosen for their anti-inflammatory, pain relief benefits. These are infused into a hemp seed oil base, and used as a final oil ingredient in our topical pain relief cream.

Interested in trying out herbal supplements, but not sure what would be right for you? Check out Earthley’s Supplement Guide for more information!

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Handcrafted With:

  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil
  • Organic St. John’s Wort
  • Organic Yarrow
  • Organic Ginger
  • Organic Rosemary
  • Organic Kokum Butter
  • Full-Spectrum CBD

You’ll find the most recent CBD certificate of analysis here.

That’s all, folks! Ingredients listed here are exactly what you’ll find in your product – nothing more, nothing less.


Rub a small amount of cream, about lentil-sized, into painful areas as needed.


Safe for ages one year and older. Safe for use while pregnant and breastfeeding.

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.

8 reviews for Pain Relief Rub

  1. Jeannette

    This cream is great! I have used other cbd creams and none have worked as well. It was fast acting and lasted a good portion of the day. Will definitely be buying it again!

  2. Lisa Kissinger

    This cream is amazing. I have chronically tight shoulders and neck, and with a desk job, I get a lot of aches. I put this on in the morning, and it definitely helps! I didn’t notice a super quick disappearance, but I will be sitting at my desk and suddenly realize that my neck and shoulders don’t hurt today! It has a nice, earthy smell to it, but it dissipates quickly. I will definitely be buying more of this!

  3. Chellie Anne

    I have been using CBD products for a wide variety of health problems for 10+ months. Some of those include severe Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Grief, back pain and joint pain. I’ve been through several different brands now for CBD pain relief cream and find this one has helped me the most. Plus, I love supporting a company that stands for medical freedom and uses the purest, simple and easy to read ingredients. Earthley has my vote!

  4. Beth Rogers

    This is our first time using CBD and I’m sold! It works really fast and you only need a tiny bit.

  5. Jessica Ruslow (verified owner)

    Got this for my boyfriend. He has what they call a dead hip (he needs hip replacement but can’t afford it). This affects the nerves and everything in between. He’s in constant pain. He used this for the first time tonight and said within 5 min. He felt some relief. I’ve also used this on my wrist for carpel tunnel and it definitely helps alleviate the pain.

  6. Maurine White (verified owner)

    I used this on my husband’s neuropathy and it did wonders. I actually bought 2 more for my stock. Now we use it for his and my back pain as well as shoulder pain. It really works wonders and does not take too long before it takes effect.

  7. Amanda Barrett (verified owner)

    I mainly bought this for my 27yr old husband who acts like an 87 yr old lol. He was a skeptic but the day after he used it he said “Ya know, I think that stuff actually worked! My knees feel better!” I just used it on my neck tonight and it does work fast. It’s different because it doesn’t have that cold hot effect like icy hot which I kind of was expecting. It does definitely work though and it doesn’t have a weird smell at all.

  8. Allie salas (verified owner)

    I got this with my husband in mind. He works all day and is on his feet. He often complains about his feet our shoulders hurting. I put a little of this on his feet and he is relieved. Definitely Hubby approved!

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