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Pre-Black Friday Sale

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Save 20% on select products for a limited time! 


Feel calmer, better cope with stress, experience pain relief, and more with our new CBD products: Anxiety Calm Oil and Pain Relief Rub.  We take the natural power of herbs along with high-quality CBD to create the 100% clean CBD products you’ve been looking for!


Orders over $50 ship for FREE!  Sale ends 11/28!  Use code PREBFSALE at checkout to save! 


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  • Earthley products are 100% natural and free of colors, flavors, additives of any kind, preservatives, artificial ingredients, parabens, and common allergens.

Anxiety Calm Oil

So many people struggle with anxiety and mood issues -- and it's no wonder.  In our busy, fast-paced world, we barely have a chance to catch our breath.  We need support to get through our days and feel calmer and better able to cope with these stressors.

Introducing Earthley's new Anxiety Calm!  We've taken three key adaptogens (lavender, lemon balm, and holy basil) and steeped them in organic hemp seed oil to create a keep-you-calm-and-balanced formula that really works.

Formula "A" is for Adaptogen, and contains the oils and herbs.  It does not contain CBD.

Formula "C" is for CBD, and contains 600 mg full-spectrum CBD per ounce.  Our CBD is sourced from Flora Sophia Botanicals, a farm-to-bottle operation that grows and extracts their CBD without the use of harsh chemicals.

Pain Relief Rub

Experience true relief of back pain, muscle pain, joint pain, and more.  Our synergistic cream combines naturally pain-relieving herbs like St. John's Wort and yarrow with full-spectrum CBD.  Rub a small amount into the sore spot and feel better soon!


Our cream is free of parabens, acetaminophen, essential oils, and all synthetic substances.  Made with mostly organic ingredients.


Save 20% on our CBD products with code PREBFSALE (sale ends 11/28).

Included in this sale:

Anxiety Calm Oil — We use three adaptogenic, calming herbs (lavender, lemon balm, and holy basil) and steep them in organic hemp seed oil.  Together, they induce a sense of peace and create the ability to better cope with stress.  “Formula A” is for Adaptogens.  This formula is our basic option, the infused oil.  It does not contain CBD.  “Formula C” is for CBD (contains less then 0.3% THC).  We have taken our basic formula and added 600 mg full-spectrum CBD per ounce.

Pain Relief Rub — Enjoy relief from all types of topical pain — joint, muscle, back, etc.  Pain Relief Rub is made by steeping pain-relieving herbs in pure organic hemp seed oil, then blending it with full-spectrum CBD (contains less then 0.3% THC).  We finish it with natural kokum butter to make a cream that is non-messy and easily-absorbed by skin.

Our CBD is sourced from Flora Sophia Botanicals.  They are a small business that grows and extracts their CBD independently.  The plants are raised without chemicals, and the CBD is extracted with ethanol.  It is among the highest-quality oils available (which is why we chose it!).

Please see our free download HERE to learn more about CBD and synergistic herbs!


Anxiety Calm Oil — Organic hemp seed oil, organic lavender, organic holy basil, organic lemon balm

Formula C also contains 600 mg full-spectrum CBD per ounce

Pain Relief Rub — Organic hemp seed oil, full-spectrum CBD, kokum butter, organic St. John’s Wort, organic yarrow, organic ginger, organic rosemary

You’ll find the most recent CBD certificate of analysis here.


Anxiety Calm Oil — Take 2 – 10 drops up to 3x daily.

Pain Relief Rub — Rub a small amount of cream, about lentil-sized, into painful areas as needed.


Anxiety Calm Oil — Shelf life: 1 year.  Safe for all ages.

Pain Relief Rub — Safe for all ages.

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.


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