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The Great Elderberry Challenge Guide

Elderberry has become extremely popular over the last few years — but also, controversial.  Many people use it in the winter months.  Some insist that it should be used only for cold and flu symptoms.  While others prefer to use it daily.  Some are big fans of homemade syrups only, while others prefer to buy theirs.  And some believe that elderberry is best used alone, while others say it should be paired with other herbs!

It’s a lot to take in.

Who’s right?  And why?  What does this sweet, delicious little berry have to offer?

The Controversy About Elderberry

When it comes to herbs, there are two competing views: the allopathic and the holistic.

The allopathic view is that herbs can be used like drugs.  That is, they contain a single, most-important “active ingredient” that has a specific action in the body, and it always performs that action.  The holistic view is that herbs are comprised of many different constituents, and can act different ways in the body depending on what the body needs.

Allopathic (Western) medicine has become interested in elderberry, and has performed studies on a standardized extract.  These studies have confirmed elderberry’s benefits as a flu remedy.  A potent flu remedy, at that.  It works by increasing the body’s production of cytokines (chemical messengers that help tell the immune system what to do).

This has led people to be wary of elderberry for uses beyond flu symptoms.  They believe that elderberry is always stimulating the body’s immune system, and could cause the immune system to go into overdrive.  It’s why many people say that elderberry shouldn’t be used by those with autoimmune disorders.

However, when looking at a holistic view and historical use of elderberry, it is clear that this is a misunderstanding of elderberry’s actions.

The allopathic research has focused on how elderberry helps flu symptoms, but that isn’t all elderberry does, or was historically used for.  Far from it!

Elderberry was traditionally used as a food, and eaten in jellies, jams, pies, juice, and more.  (And no one was concerned about “overusing” this little berry then!)  It was used as a detoxifier and blood purifier as long ago as the Roman empire.  It is actually an alterative — meaning that it supports the body’s lymphatic and immune systems and restores vitality.

In the body, elderberry does what you need.  It is rich in antioxidants (including anthocyanin and quercetin),  as well as vitamins and minerals (vitamin C, B-complex, potassium, phosphorus, calcium), and many other constituents.  It can serve as a “pro-inflammatory” to enhance the immune response when you’re not feeling well, but it can also be “anti-inflammatory” to calm the body when you are well.

Historically, it was used mostly as a daily tonic, to support wellness.  It’s most effective when used on a regular basis, or at the very start of symptoms.  Used once symptoms are established, it will take 2 – 3 days to work its “magic.”

All of this historical and holistic knowledge has been lost in favor of a very limited, allopathic/Western view of this amazing herb.  We think it’s time to bring back that knowledge, and use elderberry to its fullest potential!

The Great Elderberry Challenge Guide

We’re really excited about elderberry and its many benefits…and we want to share them with you.  That’s why we’re about to launch our Great Elderberry Challenge!

We want you to learn all about the benefits of elderberry (and synergistic herbs…as holistic herbalists, we are firmly on the side of synergy between herbs increasing benefits) and then use it to keep your family healthy this winter.  We think vibrant health, even through dreary months and a busy holiday season, is possible — with a little herbal ally.

Grab our Elderberry Challenge Guide now, ahead of the start of the challenge (which begins on August 21).  Read through it, become familiar with elderberry’s many benefits, and select a shelf-stable formula that will work for you.

On August 21, we’ll officially launch the challenge.  During that time, our Elderberry Elixir will be on sale…for a limited time.

Within this guide, you’ll find:

  • The Benefits of Elderberry
  • FAQ on Elderberry
  • Benefits of Synergistic Herbs
  • FAQ on the Challenge
  • Winter Health Habits
  • Printable Supplement Check-Off Sheet

Ready to learn more…and prepare for your healthiest winter yet?  Grab the guide now!


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