Breathe Well Salve

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Chest congestion is the worst. The heavy feeling, the coughs, the sleeplessness–you just want relief! Well, here it is: our natural vapor rub that can help clear it all up.

Made with 100% natural ingredients. Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Nut-Free, Vegan. No Artificial Colors, Preservatives, or Fragrances.

 Cruelty free and never tested on animals; Leaping Bunny certified.



Sometimes it comes along with a cold, sometimes it’s on its own. However it shows up, chest congestion isn’t fun. This mess-free tube of Breathe Well is your answer! Many natural vapor rubs contain eucalyptus or rosemary, both of which aren’t recommended for children under ten years old. Our formula was created with the youngest of kiddos in mind, so it’s safe for ages six months and older! Have this on hand and the next time someone in your family gets a cold you’ll be ready.

Each oil was carefully chosen to aid in respiratory ease! Lemon Essential Oil has effective anti-bacterial properties. Rosalina Essential Oil is amazing for upper respiratory support – especially in young kids! It’s gentle, with anti-infectious properties. Balm Mint Bush Essential Oil has menthol properties, giving you that breath of refreshing, fresh air. This oil is amazing as it helps to promote a healthy respiratory system overall. Finally, Clary Sage Essential Oil has natural anti-inflammatory effects. We put these oils in a base of Apricot Oil and Candelilla Wax – a gentle (and vegan!) recipe for easy application. You can feel confident that our essential oil blend is an effective way to help you take deeper, clearer breaths!

Interested in trying out herbal supplements, but not sure what would be right for you? Check out Earthley’s Supplement Guide for more information!

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Handcrafted With:

  • Lemon Essential Oil
  • Rosalina Essential Oil
  • Balm Mint Bush Essential Oil
  • Clary Sage Essential Oil
  • Organic Apricot Oil
  • Candelilla Wax

That’s all, folks! Ingredients listed here are exactly what you’ll find in your product – nothing more, nothing less.



Rub a small amount of our blend of essential oils salve on your chest or bottoms of feet to help with chest colds.

Not recommended for children under 6 months old. Not recommended for use in pregnancy. Use caution if breastfeeding.


Shelf Life: 1 year. Safe for ages 6 months and older. Use caution when breastfeeding. Not recommended for use while pregnant. Talk to a health professional if you have any concerns before use.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.

58 reviews for Breathe Well Salve

  1. Kara DW (verified owner)

    We have been using this for several years and it works! It is safe for littles, unlike most of the stuff I see in the stores with questionable ingredients. We put a swipe under our nose for severe congestion and on the chest for mild symptoms.

  2. Kara Millikan (verified owner)

    I love this stuff! I have a cough most of the time, thanks to allergies, and this helps so much. I love it at night especially- I rub it on my neck and chest when I’m feeling cough-y and I’m good to go. Doesn’t have a super strong smell either and does the job!

  3. esaade (verified owner)

    Smells so good and smooth. Not overwhelming menthol like product. It helps open up airways and helps my son sleep when his nose is congested. Stick is very convenient to apply

  4. Laura S (verified owner)

    I love breathe well! I put some on before bed if I feel a tickle in my throat. Tada! No more tickle! So easy to use for kids too!

  5. Danni M (verified owner)

    Ahh! I love this handy stick! Much better ingredients than Vick’s!

  6. JoAnn Marcantonio

    Love this for the whole family. Really helps at night.

  7. Jennifer Edwards

    I love that I can use this on my children, instead of using the well known brand that contains harmful ingredients that shouldn’t be used on children at all. It works great and makes breathing easier (especially at night) when my nose is stuffy!

  8. Erin Fae

    It’s like Vick’s but without the harmful chemicals. My daughter loved this during the colder months to help with her stuffy nose at night. We got this as a preventative just in case she got sick, but it’s lasted us a year; so useful!

  9. Laura Malonson

    I absolutely love this! We are currently sick and it is making breathing WAY easier!!

  10. Brooke Driver

    Oh my goodness this product is lifesaving!! I got sick while I was pregnant with my baby around Christmas last year and it was really bad congestion and problems breathing esp being asthmatic but I didn’t want to use any “chemical” medication and risk hurting my baby so I used this and the results were amazing!! Within an hour I was breathing like I hadn’t been congested at all and it felt like it helped me get over my illness faster as well (maybe that was just because I was finally able to breath lol) I definitely plan to get more of this for the winter when my kids tend to get sick more often

  11. Kay (verified owner)

    I love this stuff! We put a little at the bottom of our nose and had relief. My husband grew up using Vicks for everything and when we got a terrible chest cold, this was a perfect alternative. Convincing my hubby it was a better option was difficult, but thankfully, the product spoke for itself. I’m so glad we had this on hand!

  12. Jennifer L Olejnik

    Nice smell. Helps clear congested sinuses. Could be stronger.

  13. Kristina M Miller

    I cannot say enough good things about this stuff! I love how it is safe for ages 6 months up! I don’t like how most chest rubs have eucalyptus essential oil in them as that is not safe for children! This has a very nice scent and it comes in such a handy application bottle. I have used this several times when my kids have had stuffed up noses with great results!

  14. Stacy Minert (verified owner)

    This stuff has been a life saver! My son is prone to getting croup and Breathe Well really eases his coughing. And I’m so grateful for an alternative to the *other* chest rubs that are out there.

  15. Ariel (verified owner)

    Just newly trying this out for a chronic stuffy nose at night, and it seems to be helping a little! But aside from the breathing (which is awesome, but still new so not sure) the smell and texture are absolutely fantastic! It’s really really calming and smells so amazing, I’ve been using it during the day unrelated to the breathing problems just because I’m in love with the smell!

  16. Jessica S (verified owner)

    Love this! My daughter and I use this on our chests when we have a stuffy nose and it definitely helps us breathe better. I’m glad we can use this from now on, instead of Vicks’s vapor rub. We have tried something similar to this from another company, but it was almost double the price! I’m thankful that Earthley has a nice product for a good price.

  17. Briana Drudge

    This is amazing! I’ve used it on my nephew since he was 4 months old. It has helped my whole family, but him was a huge difference. Whenever he gets sick at almost two now he knows what to put on and that Breathe well is amazing.

  18. Chelsi (verified owner)

    I love that it’s in a stick and I don’t have to use my fingers to rub all over. Smells amazing too! Love the good ingredients compared to the more popular choice of breathe stuff!

  19. Jessica Sanders (verified owner)

    This is one of my “must have” Earthley products!! It has worked wonders on my whole family. Works so much better and ingredient friendly than the Vicks I grew up on. On top of that, it smells amazing too.

  20. Jordan Long

    This is perfect for my kids before bed! We like to use it on the bottoms of our feet at night & my daughter likes to smell it when she first wakes up!

  21. Nevada

    I use this almost daily! I have a cat that i am allergic to, and this is a lifesaver!

  22. Felecia Bordayo (verified owner)

    I used this for my son when he got sick at 6 months old; it helped him to breathe better at night when his nose was stuffy. I am planning on buying more soon (it’s actually in my cart at the moment lol) and would definitely recommend!

  23. esaade (verified owner)

    Easy to apply and smells so good. This is way better than vapor rub

  24. Leilani

    I absolutely love all of Earthley’s products. Our line-up of remedies will soon consist of only Earthley products. The Breathe Well salve is soothing to our two kiddos when they are stuffy. We just rub a small amount on their chests and neck and they both have fallen asleep quickly as it is soothing to their little airways! I love that it works, and is non toxic! Thank you for such great products!!

  25. Tiara (verified owner)

    I’ve had issues with my lungs since I was a child due to a variety of reasons and I grab with when I’m having some
    Issues breathing, it works fantastically and it smells really good. My dad uses it too to help with his COPD.

  26. HLG (verified owner)

    The salve worked wonders for my asthma prone kiddo this past winter. I applied it to his chest and the bottom of his feet and his airways would generally improve when used consistently. Only complaints are it is oily and tends to stain his socks and shirt and it only comes in a small stick! I would love to see this product in a 2 oz tub!

  27. BJ (verified owner)

    Breathe Well Salve works well to help open sinus passages and lungs. It’s effective but gentle. Too many products are very harsh and feel like they try to blast open clogged sinuses. This product does not do that. Another product I always keep on hand.

  28. Laura (verified owner)

    This was one of the first products I ordered from Earthley. My now 4 year old son seems to struggle a lot with congestion in the winter, so this became a nightly routine to put on the salve before bed. My 2 year old had RSV at 2 months old and he also struggles with congestion in the winter. So breathe well salve has been a huge help to us as each winter rolls around. Let’s be honest, I’ve used it on myself and my husband too and it’s amazing how quickly it can clear our noses so we can actually breathe! I love this product and will be sure I always have some on hand every November-April!

  29. Amanda Ramos

    This product smells amazing and works so well. I use it every night before bed because I get very congested throughout the night especially during allergy season. I’m obsessed with this product. Use it on my 3.5 yr old as well when she needs it and works well for her also.

  30. Elia barradas (verified owner)

    I used for my husbands and 9month old when they got the sniffles, it worked pretty good in clearing up the congestion. It helped my son breathe better through his nose.

  31. Amanda Simpson (verified owner)

    Must need for any colds! This stuff is a lifesaver for my family! Especially for breathing relief for my 3 year old, this is wonderful to help him sleep and actually breathe at night. We will never go without this staple.

  32. Michele Lieb

    My husband eats the S.A.D. and is congested often. He loves his Vick’s and other meds. But I convinced him to stick with Earthley for a while. This Breathe Well Salve was his saving grace! He loved it! He’s already made sure we have it on hand bc he knows he will be getting his usual colds again soon!

  33. Coastie Jana (verified owner)

    Another super hero in the cough and cold world. We used this rub a lot back in March when our entire household was sick. It is very pleasant and you can feel it working immediately. Husband approved!

  34. Tara (verified owner)

    Love this stuff!! I love the smell, but mostly I love how it is gentle and has helped me when my chest has been hurting me.

  35. Jennifer Deane (verified owner)

    The smell is delightful & it did help my 1 YO with her cough, however I don’t think it worked as well as Maty’s, which we previously used. I think this is a great alternative for those younger children & babies until it’s safe to use other EOs.

  36. Adu (verified owner)

    Okay I don’t ever leave review for products but… OMG I have to leave one for this. My hubby and little one had a cold and was coughing up a storm at night. I took the stick and rub it on my little one and instantly he stopped coughing. Then my hubby was coughing too so I hand him the stick and instantly he stopped coughing too! Usually he is a none believer of ’natural herbs’ but in the morning he asked what did you gave me cause it worked! Lol. I am excited to for my other products from Earthley! I’m hooked now!

  37. Jessie Leavitt (verified owner)

    This salve is amazing. I opened the package, took off the lid and immediately felt my sinuses begin to clear. It works great for keeping stuffy noses clear over night. Great product.

  38. nperez0627 (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing! While my son had a cold, I rubbed a bit on the bottom of his feet (sometimes a little on his back too) whenever he’d have a coughing fit and within minutes his cough was gone and his congestion was cleared up. I also love the light scent and the mess-free, easy to use tube.

  39. Beth Rogers (verified owner)

    This works well! I put it right on the sinuses. You do need to reapply after a couple of hours.

  40. Dave Donahue (verified owner)

    Used this on my son who was really congested for a few days. It always seemed to help clear him up and relieve some congestion.

  41. Marla (verified owner)

    I use this on my kiddos all winter anytime they get a little stuffy. It really helps them breathe easier at night and they awaken much less often! It’s great!

  42. Sarah (verified owner)

    This stuff is AHHHMAZING! I simply love it. Very effective at opening up the airways when you’re congested and safe to use on little ones. Helped my boys sleep through the night when they were sick so it’s a win for me! My one suggestion is that Earthley needs to change up their labels because it’s easy to grab the wrong salve stick if you’re tired since all the labels are very similar.

  43. Callie

    I cant say enough about this! My whole family has used this. It has stopped us from coughing almost instantly. My poor hubby had such a bad cough last week while sleeping. He couldnt stay asleep and he woke myself and my toddler a few times. After being annoyed with the coughing I went and grabbed this amazing stick. After applying the cough was pretty much nonexistent and we were all able to sleep the rest of the night.

  44. Racheal (verified owner)

    I use this on my little ones, it’s worked amazingly and I love how I don’t have to worry about the safety of the ingredients.

  45. Kevin (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing. My kids have had a nasty chest cold, and this works so well for all of them, especially at bedtime. The youngest is too young for the other cough tincture, so we use this on him at night and it’s amazing! And it smells so good!

  46. ruadhan09 (verified owner)

    I love having a safe option to use on my toddler, and she loves it too! Perfect for colds and congestion.

  47. lmeadows92 (verified owner)

    I haved used this for 4 days and it’s AWESOME! It’s helped me breathe and sleep better

  48. Erin Fisher (verified owner)

    I almost don’t know how to convey what this stuff means to me, but I will try. My son tends towards a croupy cough which developed into stridor twice. Very very scary. This together with cough b gone has changed our life. Depending on severity I will still use acetaminophen at night when he’s at higher risk, but these two products have reduced the need by quite a lot. I read in another review that a mother rubs a bit on her sons sinuses and so I began doing that too, works like a dream! I do agree with other reviewers, you do need to reapply after a few hours but its so easy to do that it can be done while they sleep. I also use Elderberry Elixir and that has reduced the frequency and severity of colds/coughs by quite a bit.

  49. Kimberly Hamilton (verified owner)

    I like it but I just wish that it was a bit stronger and lasted longer. I’ve found that it takes repeated applications to be really effective. I’ll still order this again though because I like the fact that it’s all natural and a much safer healthier option.

  50. Brenda Good (verified owner)

    When I had a cold I put this on just like I would of used Vick’s. Chest face nose. Works great. I gave my mom some and she loves it.

  51. Emily (verified owner)

    It smells great, but I’ve not had a chance to use it yet for my kiddos haha! No sickness over here this year so far! My husband did try it to help with some seasonal allergy issues and loved it.

  52. Jessica (verified owner)

    When 2 of my favorite companies – Plant Therapy and Earthly – team up, you know it’s going to be good! I got exactly what I expected with this salve: great application, great smell, and great results! We’ve used this for allergies, as well as a few minor colds, and I’ve been pleased every time!

  53. Kara Warner (verified owner)

    This is an awesome alternative to the popular breathe easy ruubs and creams. It smells great, works great, and I know it’s safe for my LO.

  54. Brenda Good (verified owner)

    Got this for my mom. She’s been sick all winter. After starting it she was finally able to sleep and it even decreased her wheezing.

  55. Tara (verified owner)

    Smells Great!

  56. Toni (verified owner)

    This little stick is wonderful! Convenient size to carry with you and it works! A little under your nose works great! It’s also easy and mess free, making it great to use on the kiddos!

  57. Mummie Alamin

    I love this thing. It smells great and the cooling feeling is very nice when I am feeling under the weather or even when my allergies are acting up. I usually dab a little under my nose.

  58. Jessica (verified owner)

    We got this just in time for treating a cold. I put it on my boys’ sinuses at night to help them sleep. It takes a few applications throughout the day to keep things moving.

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