Herbal Soothing Bath

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Soothe sore lady parts after birth with this healing herbal bath!


After giving birth, it’s time to relax and recover…and our herbal soothing bath is just the companion you need!

Lady parts are often tender after giving birth.  Sometimes, there’s a small tear or stretching to deal with.  The herbs in this lovely bath help to promote healing and relaxation, which can help you feel better, faster!

Enjoy a nice, warm soak with your sweet new baby.  Simply brew the herbs as a strong “tea,” then add to your bath.  Chamomile and lavender are gently soothing, while comfrey and witch hazel help to promote faster healing.  Many women feel like they’re less sore after a bath.  (And, it’s a great way to relax when you’re still newly postpartum and need to stay relaxed!)

Get ready, mama.  It’s bath time.  Warm, soothing, herbal bath time (because you deserve it!).


Organic comfrey leaves, organic witch hazel bark, organic lavender, organic calendula, organic yarrow.



Mix one ounce by weight of the dry herbs with 4 cups of boiling water.  (This is about 1/3 of the package.)  Steep for 20 – 30 minutes, then strain.

Pour the “tea” into a warm bath, and soak for 15 – 20 minutes.


Shelf Life: 1 year. For topical use.  Safe for all ages.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.

2 reviews for Herbal Soothing Bath

  1. Ranelle Moles (verified owner)

    This bath is wonderfully pleasant. I am benefiting from the herbs and the warm soak.

  2. Jen (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing product. I used this recently after birthing my third daughter. Very easy to prepare and use. Makes 3 baths when used as directed. You can add this to bath water, use in a sitz bath, or add to your peri bottle. Perfect for the postpartum phase! I used the “tea” in a bath, which also helped to heal a crack from breastfeeding. Awesome product! I will definitely be using this again after each of my future babies are born! If you research the herbs used, you’ll see they are absolutely perfect for a healing postpartum mom – assist healing, reduce bleeding, and eliminate swelling. A must-have for any new mom.

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