Nourishing Shave Soap

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Ready for the best shave of your life?  Our Nourishing Shave Soap makes shaving smooth and easy!  Made with clean, natural ingredients, including clay for extra slip.  Won’t dry out skin!


Free of parabens, sulfates, fragrances, and artificial ingredients.  Coconut oil-free!

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In stock


Ready for a great shave?

Our Nourishing Shave Soap is what you’ve been looking for!  It’s an all-natural bar of true soap, handmade by our team.  Absolutely no detergents, parabens, sulfates, fragrances, or other junk that doesn’t belong on your skin.

Our bar starts with oils rich in vitamin E with plenty of natural “slip” to aid shaving and avoid razor burn.  We add clay to make the razor glide even more easily.

Nourishing Shave Soap is unscented and great for everyone.


  • avocado oil
  • organic hemp seed oil
  • organic castor oil
  • organic shea butter
  • organic mango butter
  • sodium hydroxide*
  • Sea clay

*No lye is left in the finished bar


Get bar wet and lather in hands.  Lather face or legs or whatever area is desired.  Shave, reapplying soap if needed.  Rinse clean.


Shelf Life: 1 year. Safe for all ages.

5 reviews for Nourishing Shave Soap

  1. Paula

    I love how this stuff makes the razor glide on my leg. And it keeps my legs moisturized.

  2. Abbey

    I love how nourishing this bar is and I can feel good about putting it on my skin (and down the drain). It also doesn’t clog up my razor like regular shaving soap does.

  3. Julia Matson

    Nourishing is the perfect description for this shave soap! Now I don’t have to use a special lotion after I shave to prevent razor burn on my sensitive skin. Saving that extra step (not to mention product) is a big win for this busy mama!
    * soothing, safe ingredients
    * razor glides smoothly
    * leaves skin soft
    * no more razor bumps
    * bar will last a long time
    * doesn’t foam or suds up, so it’s a little hard to see where you’ve shaved

  4. Jennifer Dominiak (verified owner)

    Used this for a bit, stopped for no good reason. Started using again and what a difference it makes. Love this soap. Nice and smooth!

  5. Brenda (verified owner)

    This soap is the best….pleasantly surprised & ordered 3 more bars…..

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