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Soothing Belly Butter

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Deeply nourishing body butter, designed especially for pregnant bellies.



When you’re pregnant, your skin has unique needs — especially your belly.  As the skin grows and stretches, our soothing belly butter is just what you need!

It starts with a base of cocoa and mango butters, which are both deeply nourishing and moisturizing.  They help to soothe itchy, dry skin — and may help to prevent or reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

But that’s not all.  We’ve blended these natural butters with comfrey-infused grapeseed oil, and rosehip seed oil.  Comfrey helps to promote skin cell regeneration, and rosehip seed oil is great for fine lines and wrinkles (even on your belly).  This nourishing combination of butters and oils is just what sensitive, stretched-out pregnancy skin needs!

We don’t use any essential oils, because they can be overwhelming for sensitive pregnancy skin — and sensitive noses.  Our body butter carries a faint natural chocolate smell, because of the unrefined cocoa butter in it.  It’s not overpowering, which is perfect in this season. 🙂

We recommend using this body butter after a shower to lock in moisture, as well as any time your skin feels dry.  Start using it early, so your skin stays soft and moisturized throughout your whole pregnancy.

Keep the belly butter to use post-pregnancy, too, to help encourage shrinking and keep skin smooth and soft.

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Mango butter, organic cocoa butter, organic comfrey leaves, grapeseed oil, and organic rosehip seed oil.


Rub a small amount on skin as needed.  A little bit goes a long way.


Shelf Life: 1 year. For external use only.  Safe for all ages.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.

14 reviews for Soothing Belly Butter

  1. Elisabeth Van Hierden (verified owner)

    This cream smells so amazing. It is so rich and hydrating! I love it!!

  2. Marina (verified owner)

    I love this stuff! I wish I had it last pregnancy. It feels very hydrating, my skin has never been so soft and I swear my stretch marks look better from my last pregnancy (probably because my skins so hydrated). A little goes a long way. I like that it feels like it stays on and not just soaks in. It doesn’t have a greasy feel. There’s a very mild chocolate scent, I seem to love chocolate every pregnancy. I highly recommend.. even if you’re not pregnant. This would be great during the winter months and/or for dry skin.

  3. Dana (verified owner)

    Smells good, and feels good on my growing pregnant belly. It’s not oily or anything. I really like it and it cures the stretching belly itching!

  4. Kelli (verified owner)

    I love this stuff! It’s got a chocolately smell and is super soft. It’s not too oily, but still very hydrating!

  5. Stephanie (verified owner)

    I liked the feel and smell of the lotion. It helped during pregnancy.

  6. Michelle L. (verified owner)

    I’m not pregnant but I’ve had 4 babies. I also have super dry, eczema prone skin. I bought this to help get me through the winter and it did. I am convinced I lost some stretch marks on my tummy, seriously. And, my legs have “fish scale” skin in the winter. Not with this stuff. So, even though I’m not pregnant, I still recommend this to help your skin elasticity and appearance.

  7. flipflopfan86 (verified owner)

    This stuff smell sooooo good! It goes on really smooth and feels amazing! My last pregnancy my belly got so itchy especially my scars from my laparoscopy. I now have 4 more scars from a second surgery so I started using this belly butter right away! It is so soothing on my belly and I’m looking forward to using it as my belly continues to grow!

  8. Ashley (verified owner)

    I haven’t gotten to my 3rd trimester yet, so I’m not sure exactly how it will work. But for now, I like it, seems to be a nice moisturizing lotion for my belly. I love the ingredients in it, very skin healing, especially rosehip seed oil. The only thing I don’t like as much is the lotion is a little hard, so I have to work it before it’s malleable enough to start smoothing around and sinking in – this might just be due to winter time and the fact my house is very cold, so maybe once it gets warmer it will be softer.

  9. Kallan

    This stuff is great. Currently, I’m using it for excema, but I’m sure it’d be great for an itchy belly.

  10. Kelly (verified owner)

    I’m in my second trimester and I love this product! It’s pretty thick when getting it out of the container, but as soon as I start to rub it on my stomach it kind of melts. I’m looking forward to seeing how this product works throughout the rest of my pregnancy.

  11. BethieBean (verified owner)

    I love the soothing belly butter! I am in my third trimester and this keeps my belly so nice and soft and hydrated. I also use it on my face and other dry areas and it is amazing!! I used to just use coconut oil for dry skin, which was ok, but the belly butter does such a superior job.

  12. (verified owner)

    Wonderful product! I haven’t started showing or stretching in the belly yet, but I’m so glad I bought this in advance. I actually like it better than the breast balm for sore nipples. To my tremendous discomfort, my boobs doubled in size almost immediately upon getting pregnant, and they’ve got stretch marks on them already. I got this to try and alleviate those marks early, as well as prevent any more stretch marks. As other reviewers have said, it is hard when you first scrape a bit out of the tub (which is to be expected from natural “butter” lotions) but it quickly melts. That’s the reason that I like it better than the breast balm; the breast balm takes a little too long to melt for me. This butter liquefies almost immediately after touching my skin and it’s so easy to rub in.

  13. Rachael (verified owner)

    This stuff is AMAZING! First of all, it smells heavenly, and the consistency is perfect – so soothing on the belly and breasts, and it’s been a life saver on my hands over our typical cold, dry minnesota winter. A little goes a long way, too, so it lasts forever! Love this product.

  14. Shelby M. (verified owner)

    LOVE this stuff! Not only does it feel amazing on and has helped keep my stretching belly nice and moisturized, but I think it smells really good too! I often find myself using this as a general body lotion too. I have purchased a few tubs od this during my pregnancy and it’s one I would recommend for any expecting mama you may know!

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