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UT-Relief Herbal Extract

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Promote urinary tract health with our UT-Relief! Our natural UTI relief contains cranberry, dandelion root, cramp bark, turmeric, and black pepper to not only provide relief from symptoms as well as detoxing and anti-inflammatory effects.


Like all of our products, UT Relief is free of sugar, colors, flavors, synthetic vitamins, preservatives.



If You’ve Got the Burn. . . It’s Time For Natural UTI Relief!

  • Take our natural UT-Relief tincture to ease the symptoms of pesky UTIs.
  • UT-Relief will also support your liver, promote detox, soothe cramps and pain, and reduce inflammation.

Earthley’s UT-Relief is filled with amazing herbs to help manage the symptoms of a UTI, as well as promote general urinary tract health.

Utilizing the Healing Powers of Cranberry

First, we added cranberry — specifically, whole, unsweetened, dried cranberries (no extra sugar). Cranberry has a long history of promoting urinary tract health and helping to prevent infections: it contains an active ingredient called D-mannose.

Natural Herbal Ingredients For UTI Relief

We also add dandelion root, which helps to support the liver and promote detox. Plus, cramp bark to relax and soothe muscles and relieve any cramping. Finally we added turmeric — because it’s a natural anti-inflammatory and good at promoting overall health — with a little black pepper to help the turmeric work even better.

Urinary Tract Infection Relief

This is one of our favorites! Take daily if you’re prone to UTIs to help maintain bladder health. Or, take it for a few days at the first signs of symptoms to reduce pain and manage symptoms naturally.

Considering our supplements?  Check out our Supplement Guide to see which ones would be most beneficial for your family!


  • Dried unsweetened cranberries
  • Organic dandelion root
  • Organic cramp bark
  • Organic turmeric root
  • Organic black pepper
  • Organic cane-derived alcohol
  • Filtered water


Take 5-10 drops daily as a preventative, or take 10-20 drops two-to-three times a day at the first sign of symptoms to help prevent an infection. Talk to your doctor if you have or suspect you already have an infection.


Shelf Life: 2 years. No known contraindications with these herbs while breastfeeding or in children over 2.  Not for use in pregnancy.  Talk to a health professional if you have any concerns before use.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.  Talk to your health care professional if you suspect an infection.

10 reviews for UT-Relief Herbal Extract

  1. Mackenzie Hoffman (verified owner)

    My daughter has been very prone to UTIs the last couple of years and since we started using this she is doing so much better!
    It helped clear up her problem so much faster then first time we tried this and she takes it preventatively now and I have been really impressed.

  2. Brenda Good (verified owner)

    I have had kidney problems for years. This stuff is wonderful.

  3. Mary (verified owner)

    My mom is prone to getting UTI’s, where has this natural and quick solution been all these years?? I love knowing that it’s available in case my little girls need it one day.

  4. Megan (verified owner)

    Both my daughter and I were able to ward off what felt like a UTI by taking this for only 1 day!

  5. deborahy30004 (verified owner)

    I had not had a UT infection since my late 20’s. Now here I am at 61 getting one. What gives? Anyway, fortuitously I find Earthley, somehow online and Kate’s UT-Relief Herbal Tincture cleared it up after about 7 days. I’d tried the over-counter Azo products with mixed results. I’m a customer for life!

  6. Mindi (verified owner)

    I am a frequent UTI getter if you will. I have short Urethra and Ureters which causes infection ALL the TIME! I have been hospitalized too many times to count because of a UTI its quite ridiculous.
    This found me one day at work and I take it on the first sign on a UTI coming till 3 days after no symptoms, and I have not been to my urologist and or hospitalized in almost 2 years. No antibiotic caused yeast infections either. It’s just a bladder and kidney healing tincture that works and works efficiently!

  7. Rachel Tripp (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough great things about this product! I have 4 daughters and a couple are prone to what they call “potty problems” the UT relief helps usually within one or two doses and we have never had any of their issues get worse or continue after beginning the UT Relief! We absolutely always keep this wonderful natural remedy on hand!

  8. Amanda (verified owner)

    This is SO helpful! I occasionally get UTI’s when stressed, and I use D-mannose, and cranberry juice to help – but I always need a little something extra to help give me a little “umfph” to finally get rid of it, and this did it!!! I haven’t tried it by itself without the D-mannose, but it was very helpful in getting rid of my last UTI, and it hasn’t come back!!

  9. Kayla ortiz (verified owner)

    Take this at the start of symptoms! So nice to have something that helps!

  10. Marilyn Taylor (verified owner)

    I initially tried this product because I was sooooo tired of having to rush to the doctor for recurring bladder infections so that I could get the prescriptions that provided relief for it to happen again the next month. HOWEVER, I am pleased and grateful to report that I have been using UT Relief for over 8 months whenever I feel a tinge of discomfort, and after two doses and lots of water afterward, the uncomfortable feeling disappears and I am good. Love, love, love this product!

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