Deep Healing Skin Serum

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Your skin, especially your face, is on the front lines every day. It soaks in air pollution, sun damage, and problems from within (like acne). We created this serum to help deal with those daily damages. It can help heal scars, diminish the appearance of redness, get rid of acne, and more!

Safe for all ages. Safe for use while pregnant and breastfeeding. Made with 100% organic ingredients. Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Nut-Free, Vegan. No Artificial Colors, Preservatives, or Fragrances.

 Cruelty free and never tested on animals; Leaping Bunny certified.



Are you frustrated by scars, dryness, redness, or uneven skin tone? Not anymore! Earthley’s Deep Healing serum helps to soothe skin and improve the look and feel of your complexion. If you’re ready for beautiful skin, Earthley’s Deep Healing Serum might be just the thing! The high-end oils are infused with herbs to help heal damaged, scarred skin on a cellular level. Our natural face serum can also help get rid of redness, blemishes, and flaws in a matter of weeks. We stick to the purest, simplest ingredients that work!

Use as the finishing touch after you’ve washed, toned, and moisturized.
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Handcrafted With:

  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil
  • Organic Cranberry Seed Oil
  • Organic Watermelon Seed Oil
  • Organic Comfrey
  • Organic Rose
  • Organic Calendula

That’s all, folks! Ingredients listed here are exactly what you’ll find in your product – nothing more, nothing less.


Gently rub 2-3 drops of our natural face serum into skin after cleansing and toning. Best used at night.


Shelf Life: 1 year. Safe for all ages, including pregnant/nursing women.

18 reviews for Deep Healing Skin Serum

  1. Lindsay DeYoung (verified owner)

    I use this every night after washing my face with the 3-in-1 soap, and I use Rejuvenate Me in the mornings after I shower. I add some Moisturize Me if I need a little more moisture. I am super pleased with how long this little bottle lasts, and I can’t argue with the results. Typically, every December I go in for a laser treatment to get rid of sun spots and hyperpigmentation. I honestly think I don’t need to do that this year, and I’m actually shocked. I never expected this to work quite that well!

  2. Jacci

    I love this product and use it around my eyes and mouth for ease of wrinkles. I’m 38, and am constantly told how young I look. I’ve been using this product for about two years. The only issue I have with it, is it’s rather hard for me to open the container. Sometimes, after trying too many times, I just skip it.

  3. Pamela Hale-David (verified owner)

    When I was younger my skin was combination, definitely T-zone oilyI. Now that I am getting older( almost 50) my skin has made a sudden drastic change to Super dry feeling. I purchased the Deep Healing Skin Serum after reading some of the reviews but not getting my hopes too high. I have tried many products that claim to help with moisture and seem to reduce wrinkles but then I end up with a breakout from the comedegenic properties. I tried the Deep Healing Serum and it has worked wonders on my skin! Soft and supple, wrinkles not as noticeable for sure! It goes on easy and my skin drinks it up. It does have a strong grassy, hemp smell which I do not truly care for but it dissipates quickly after applying. I am quite impressed with this serum compared to high end serums, lotions and potions this natural remedy is great for my skin!

  4. Alaina (verified owner)

    I cannot say enough good things about the smell of these products. I LOOOVEEE it. I use this serum every night as part of my skincare routine. I will sometimes get tiny red pimples all over my cheeks that feel more like a rash than actual pimples. Since starting using this the rash has definitely calmed and hasn’t flared up.

  5. Sarah W. (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite Earthley products! I had horrible acne when I was a teenager and it left scars on my face, shoulders, and back. Nothing has ever helped, it was so bad that since highschool I have never worn any type of tank top or dress that wasn’t short or long sleeved. BUT this summer this girl got to FINALLY wear tank tops!!! I wish I had before and after pictures it is CRAZY how good this stuff works, even bought my mom a bottle she was so impressed with my results! Thank you Earthley for offering this amazing product, definitely in my top 3 favorites.

  6. Jeanette Carrillo (verified owner)

    I actually like it it does hydrate I’m just not a fan of the plant smell

  7. Brenda (verified owner)

    This oils is amazing and works super fast on new breakouts! All I do is put a little drop on a forming blemish and it is literally gone by the next day! Love this product!!

  8. Lauren (verified owner)

    Since the birth of my kiddos, Ive struggled with red splotches from the corner of my nostrils out over the top of my cheek bones. Also saw an increase in the size of my pores. Bought this in the smallest bottle to try it after seeing such great reviews and after a month of using it the red spots are almost entirely gone. You can barely see them now! My pores have also improved. Really glad I got this one!

  9. Vanessa Burciaga (verified owner)

    I bought the 5ml bottle to try it out after reading the reviews. I have suffered with acne pretty much my entire life (and I’m almost 40). I’ve struggled with hormonal acne after having my kids that would not clear up. Well, after using this product for a week there was a huge improvement in my skin. My breakouts are pretty much nonexistent. I might have a small flare up here and there, but my jawline is completely free of acne. My skin is also healthier and clearer. I will definitely continue to use this product!

  10. Ana Butler

    Amazing product. It works so well and fast. My skin is much more clear and my complexion is a lot more even.

  11. Alisha (verified owner)

    I’ve had acne rosacea on my cheeks for my whole life. After three days of using this serum, my redness is very diminished, the bumps are smoother, and the pimples are gone. I’m hopeful that is lt will only get better as I continue to use it. I’ve never had a product work this well or fast before. I’m extremely impressed and will be checking out more products.

  12. Rachel Wynn (verified owner)

    I’m on my second bottle of the Deep healing skin serum. It has been helping my acne prone skin a lot. It’s helping to minimize breakouts and heal the scars that are left from my acne. I don’t have a lot, it’s just in one small area on my chin. I will be 40 in a few weeks and I have had so many people tell me there is no way I’m turning 40. They think I’m in my low 30’s. Thanks to this awesome serum.

  13. Anna Karkovska (verified owner)

    I really like this serum. I alternate it nightly with the Rejuvenate me serum. My two favorite Earthley products. Minimal, clean, non-toxic, high quality ingredients. I no longer feel like my skin is getting older.

  14. Lindsey (verified owner)

    Amazing! My skin looks younger and is smoother. Added bonus, a large scar has faded and is less noticeable.

  15. Beth Knoll (verified owner)

    I have seen skin improvement in just a few weeks’ time. Great product.

  16. Shelby Mayes (verified owner)

    Love Love LOVE this serum! I have tried both this and rejuvenate me, both great, but I felt like this one just worked better for my skin. I noticed improvements in redness and blemished in just a few weeks use, now it is a must in my skin care routine!

  17. Jessica (verified owner)

    This has definitely lightened up some of my dark patches, and reduced some redness. I’ve noticed my eyelashes are longer than they used to be, and the only thing i can think of is this. Maybe they’re just healthier and better nourished, so they’re not breaking? But there’s a definite difference! Needless to say, I’m in love with this serum!

  18. Heather

    This is my favorite of all the oils earthley offers. I have seen such a huge improvement in my skin within just a few weeks of use.

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