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Energy Plus {Herbal Iron}

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Our herbal iron supplement is made from herbs that are rich in natural iron, vitamin C, and B-complex. These essential vitamins and minerals can promote a natural energy boost, strength throughout the day, and restful sleep.


MTHFR safe. Made with 100% organic ingredients. Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Nut-Free, Vegan. No Artificial Colors, Flavors, Preservatives, or Fragrances.



If you have low energy levels and poor sleep quality, you may have an iron deficiency. Many people struggle with their iron levels, especially women. Women lose iron during their periods and need more during pregnancy. Kiddos can also benefit from an iron supplement because their bodies are constantly growing.

Other iron supplements can contain additives that lead to constipation and other troubles. Not this one! Our iron formula uses whole organic herbs that are naturally rich in iron, nothing synthetic. We also added herbs high in vitamin C, to increase overall absorption. Energy Plus is just what you need for more energy and better sleep everyday!

All About The Herbs:

Yellow Dock was chosen for it’s ability to reduce chronic fatigue.

Dandelion Leaf is used to help promote balanced blood sugar.

Spearmint is used for it’s pain relief properties as well as memory care benefits.

Nettle Leaf is used for it’s high amount of vitamins and minerals.

Rosehips are used for their ability to improve metabolism and fight inflammation.

Interested in trying out herbal supplements, but not sure what would be right for you? Check out Earthley’s Supplement Guide for more information!

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Handcrafted With:

  • Organic Yellow Dock
  • Organic Dandelion Leaf
  • Organic Spearmint Leaf
  • Organic Nettle Leaf
  • Organic Rosehips

In a base of Sustainably Sourced, Palm-Derived, Organic Glycerin and Filtered Water.

That’s all, folks! Ingredients listed here are exactly what you’ll find in your product – nothing more, nothing less.


Kids ages 1 – 6 years: 5 drops daily

Kids 7 – 12 years: 10 drops daily

Adults 13+: 20 drops daily


Shelf Life: 1 year. Safe for ages 1 year and older. Safe for use while pregnant or breastfeeding. MTHFR safe. Talk to your doctor if you are not allowed to take diuretics or are already on them before using.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.

43 reviews for Energy Plus {Herbal Iron}

  1. Kim (verified owner)

    I just started using this priduct and love it. I have a severe type of anemia that doesn’t respond to iron , even in iv form. I started taking this product a couple weeks ago and have already noticed a difference. My energy levels are much better. The biggest thing I notice is that it doesn’t hurt my stomach like most other iron supplements. It also doesn’t taste bad. I put it in my tea and can’t even taste it. It would be fine straight from the dropper as well. I also love that I know all the ingredients. No scary chemical names. Just real ingredients the body can use. I am excited to see what my iron levels do after being on this.

  2. Pam (verified owner)

    Love this stuff! Gives me energy in the morning and liquid iron is much more easily absorbed.

  3. Kayla Ortiz

    I started using this instead of coffee and love it. Tastes yummy too

  4. Anastasia (verified owner)

    Be careful if using for toddlers/children. It constipated my little one and I’m a little surprised because it’s all herbs. I was giving him 4 drops daily then switched to 3 drops every other day and he was still constipated and gassy..there weren’t any other dietary changes except for this supplement. Within 8 days of stopping it completely his bowels are back to their regular self. I’m upset because I’d rather give this than the script the doctor wrote since his iron is low.

    As for me, I didn’t feel any energy boost from it.

  5. Kelsey Oneal (verified owner)

    My son had some labs done a while back and showed low iron levels doc prescribed a liquid iron supp and it worked and his iron went back up and they took him off and hid iron levels stayed up but I wanted to find something natural that would help to keep his iron levels from dropping again so we tried this supplement and he loves the peppermint taste and I feel it’s helped him! We haven’t had any labs done since taking it but he asks for it in the morning and likes taking it and I love that he gets all the benefits of the herbs! We paid it with quite a bit of earthleys other tinitures and supplements and we’ve both felt so my much better since starting our morning tinctures!! Also I take this and do feel a boost of energy from it! More clarity and focus and just overall better mood!

  6. Nicole Viejou (verified owner)

    My 1 year old & 2.5 year old LOVE this stuff, as do I. I cannot recommend it enough. I will be buying the large bottle as soon as I am free to make online purchases again!

  7. Twyla Williams (verified owner)

    I take some every morning in place of coffee and I feel like it really helps start my day. I also think it has helped my sleep schedule.

  8. ruadhan09 (verified owner)

    I started using this a few weeks before I had my second baby and I did immediately feel more energized. I have continued to take it, along with my toddler, and I think it helped a lot in my postpartum period. My toddler also loves drinking her “energy” every morning. I actually take it in my coffee each morning . We already ordered our second bottle!

  9. Mandy (verified owner)

    My 7 year old has been chronically anemic since birth due to a birth defect. He has been on and off several different prescription synthetic iron supplements all his life. I decided to give Energy Plus a try as soon as I saw it. I slowly began weaning my son off the synthetic iron and onto the Herbal Iron. After 7 months, he is completely off synthetic iron and taking Energy Plus daily. All his levels are within normal range for the first time in his life! This product truly has been life-changing for us and we can’t thank you enough for creating this amazing product!

  10. Jessica (verified owner)

    I have been battling with fibromyalgia and i get so, so fatigued. I take this in the morning, and i really notice a difference in my energy levels.

  11. melizabeth19821 (verified owner)

    I recently found out I have adrenal fatigue and had to cut out caffeine. I was sort of expecting it to work like caffeine, but it was still a nice pick me up without the low you get with caffeine after it wears off.

  12. Katie (verified owner)

    I hate leaving a bad review, because I have loved every single other Earthley product I have tried. But I started taking Energy Plus after my 2nd trimester bloodwork showed that my iron levels were very low; after 8 weeks of taking Energy Plus every day, my iron levels had dropped even lower. So unfortunately, this product didn’t work for me.

  13. Mo baker

    This is some strong stuff ! It’s exactly what every mom needs to keep going (;

  14. Cora Soleil-Kern (verified owner)

    My husband has diagnosed narcolepsy. He has to take energy meds for it. This has helped him minimize his daily dose *tremendously *! I’m not advising anyone stop their meds I’m just saying… You know… “Look into it.” 😉 Clarity,energy, focus. It helps us too since we are both anemic.

  15. Dylan Kern

    My wife picked up some of this for me to try to help out with my excessive daytime sleepiness due to narcolepsey. A little bit first thing in the morning does wonders to help getting going on a busy day, without having the unnatural, “wired” feeling energy drinks and other stuff will leave you with. Definitely recommend

  16. Mollie (verified owner)

    I’ve been anemic for quite some time, and synthetic iron didn’t really help, and I hated the side effects from it. I’ve been taking herbal energy for around 4 months. I had bloodwork done recently and was anxiously anticipating that call for them to tell me “you’re anemic” but, I was SO happy when I got the call informing me that my levels were “NORMAL”! This stuff is so easy to take, it tastes great right out of the dropper and it does give me that little extra boost I’m needing in the morning. I will always be a customer!

  17. Nicole (verified owner)

    This stuff is AMAZING, and my 1 & 3 year olds love it too! I can’t see us ever using a different iron supplement.

  18. Emilie (verified owner)

    This is a must have for your menstrual cycles and for everyday life. I have so much energy and feel great. I take it straight or put it in my water and split the dosage to morning and afternoon. Either way, I felt completely energized.

  19. Shanna Larrison (verified owner)

    My daughter and I have been taking this as we are vegan and wondered if we better get an iron supplement. I’ve tried others that gave me no noticeable difference, but after taking this my energy levels soar! I like the fact that it’s plant based too, and has other ingredients that help us feel our best:) Awesome!

  20. yasminrpeterson (verified owner)

    I have always suffered from anemia but couldn’t take most iron supplements because they made me sick. This one is great because it doesn’t make me sick and it’s all natural. Plus it absorbs better being straight from herbs. Great ingredients! I definitely feel more energy too. Love this product!

  21. Jess C

    I like the flavor a lot. I think it helps me a little bit with energy, but I didn’t notice a huge difference.

  22. Smiller (verified owner)

    I LOVE this product! I really feel and energy difference and see a difference in my sleep when I take it and when I don’t! I also love that I can use it for my little boys with no issues!

  23. Abbey Westphal (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing! It gives my husband and I the little boost we need in the afternoon.

  24. Jade Tjader (verified owner)

    I have been taking this every morning for the last few months. I believe it really helps with my energy levels, especially as a new mother! I have enough energy to make it through the day working and chasing my 10 month around the house. Thank you!

  25. Kristina Miller (verified owner)

    I started taking this a few months ago because I’m always tired and out of energy! I’m breastfeeding and 5 1/2 months postpartum so I need all the energy I can get! I’ve been taking this instead of drinking coffee in the mornings! I definitely can fee a difference! Some days I even take another dose of it in the afternoons if I need another pick me up.

  26. Shelby Mayes (verified owner)

    I have been taking this for about a month now. I take it in the morning and it does seem to make a difference in my energy levels first thing in the morning (I don’t need coffee as much anymore!) I do feel like it took a few weeks for me to notice any change — I started to gradually take more drops, which seems to be making a difference. I do feel a crash in the afternoon, but recently read that it can be taken multiple times/day, so I am going to give this a try! I love the idea of using this natural product over others that may not be as pure. Excited to see if this continues to work for me 🙂

  27. Lindsey (verified owner)

    This has really helped me have more energy throughout the day. I can tell if I skip a day.

  28. Rachel (verified owner)

    I got this as a supplement during my pregnancy. I found that when I needed an afternoon boost of energy, this fit the bill. I found my energy levels were better afterward and the taste is pretty good! I take this kind of supplement better than in pill form. Will definitely be purchasing again.

  29. Megan P (verified owner)

    This stuff. This is what got me hooked on Earthley! I’ve always dealt with low iron and so I was interested. On the days I don’t take them I can tell I’m not as peppy. It is such a good product. I’ll likely always have this stuff on hand from now on.

  30. Cellina (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this consistently for about 3ish weeks now (minus a few days because I forget sometimes… life of having babies ) but I’ve noticed a big difference in my energy levels, mental clarity, and actually has helped my anxiety as well. I’m so pleased with my Earthley products this far! Thank you!

  31. Katie

    Good concept, and I was super excited for this, unfortunately it made me constipated so I stopped using it.

  32. Laura (verified owner)

    I didn’t feel any energy boost. I tried it several times and it made me feel nauseous and gave me pain in my stomach.

  33. tarapena1 (verified owner)

    I like it. I don’t take it every day. Maybe once a week.

  34. Kelsey (verified owner)

    I like the energy plus. It has a pleasant taste, enough to where I can take it straight, not needing to mix in juice or water. I do feel like it improves my energy levels, and notice a difference when I forget to take it. I also like the fact that it provides my children with natural iron as they don’t typically get enough in their diets everyday. It can easily be given in to children in water or juice without effecting taste.

  35. Kamie MB (verified owner)

    I first started using Earthley products because of severe anxiety and panic attacks. The two tinctures I purchased first were Energy Plus and Natural Balance. Energy Plus has remained a daily staple for me. This product has completely changed my life. It has helped me address deficiencies caused by years of pregnancy and breastfeeding and has transformed my mental health. One of my absolute favorite tinctures.

  36. Michelle Roney (verified owner)

    HIGHLY recommend! When I hit my third trimester in pregnancy, my iron levels took a hit and my midwife recommend I get on an iron supplement quickly. From past experience, the problem with normal over the counter or prescribed iron supplements is the dreaded CONSTIPATION issue. I already used several tinctures from Earthley and really love the products, so decided to give this one a whirl. This stuff is amazing! Not only is the taste very palpable and DID NOT cause any constipation… at my next appointment my midwife said my iron level looked
    I count that a success! THANK YOU!!!

  37. Kellycharles83 (verified owner)

    I have tried to quite my coffee addiction multiple times in the past and have always ran right back to my cuppa jo because of low energy and a withdrawal headache that didn’t wanna quit. I bought Energy Plus in hopes that this would help with my energy levels and I could kick coffee to the curb. I haven’t had coffee in almost two weeks and I can say my energy levels have been great! The longer I’m taking this product, the more energy I seem to have daily! And bonus! I haven’t had any withdrawal headaches from getting off coffee! This is wonderful! I think I can actually say I’m free from Coffee and I feel wonderful! Thank you so much for this product!

  38. Amanda (verified owner)

    I am pregnant with a toddler, and NEEDED something to help me have enough energy to keep up with him(And I can’t drink coffee!). The Vitamin B supplement recommended to me by my midwife wasn’t cutting it, so I added this. It made a huge difference right away!!!! I was so thankful for something simple that could help me not be a couch potato all day!

  39. Brittney Stanford (verified owner)

    LOVE energy plus! Its been a staple since I’ve gotten it. Helps me get through my long homeschooling mama days and all the housework I always have to do.

  40. Rachel Graf (verified owner)

    In the afternoon I was ready for a nap but my son wanted to play a game. So I took some Energy Plus and in a bit I was no longer dragging! I don’t love the flavor, but it doesn’t last long or have any aftertaste. I can’t even tell you what it tastes like because I just squirted the drops directly in my mouth! I need to make this one a habit!

  41. Jennifer Deane (verified owner)

    My midwife ran blood work on me when pregnant with my 9th baby. She couldn’t believe how good my levels were…except my ferritin (iron stores) was “in the toilet.” This product tastes good & gives me energy. I would love to see what my follow up blood work would say!

  42. Cellina Robillard (verified owner)

    This energy plus has been a life saver, especially while pregnant. I know I always get anemic while pregnant, so at my first appointment it was no surprise to me that the doctor told me my iron was low (8.something range) and needed to take iron supplements immediately. I hate taking iron as the constipation is really no fun to deal with on top of all the other yucky first trimester symptoms. So I started taking Energy Plus instead and at my bloodwork less than a month later, my level was up to high 10 and I got within a normal range shortly after that. So I have blood work proof that this absolutely works. Lol
    I felt a big difference in about 2 and a half weeks of my energy levels and being out of breath all of the time. So grateful to have finally found this for my third pregnancy!

  43. Wendy Lemacks (verified owner)

    I have been using this for only a few days now but already know I love it! I normally am anemic and have a lot of symptoms from it. I was EXTREMELY hesitant to use this over the normal vitamins and extra iron supplement I was taking but I am so glad I switched! Today I gave blood and I normally get turned away due to my iron being too low. I was right on the line but it was high enough to donate and that never happens unless I’m taking a multi with iron AND an extra iron supplement. So I’m sold! And it doesn’t taste bad! 🙂

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