No More Yeast Salve

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Yeast infections are uncomfortable and leave you feeling gross. Get rid of yeast and itchy fungal rashes fast with No-More-Yeast Salve! Anti-fungal oils and herbs combat yeast naturally to help you feel better ASAP.

Safe for ages six months+. Safe for use while pregnant and breastfeeding. Made with 100% natural ingredients. Topical Use Only–Do Not Ingest. Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Nut-Free, Vegan. No Artificial Colors, Preservatives, or Fragrances.

 Cruelty free and never tested on animals; Leaping Bunny certified.



Lots of people deal with yeast overgrowth without even knowing it’s yeast overgrowth. If you’ve had issues including athlete’s foot, jock itch, female yeast infections, or thrush, you’ve had yeast overgrowth. It’s so common because of the amount of sugar in our modern diets and the lack of probiotics to balance it out. That doesn’t mean you have to suffer or change your whole life overnight. Instead, address it externally with No-More-Yeast Salve!

Our formula uses anti-fungal oils and herbs that work without disturbing your gut flora so you’ll feel better (and less itchy) without side effects that other yeast infection products can cause. Find relief with No-More-Yeast!

Interested in trying out herbal supplements, but not sure what would be right for you? Check out Earthley’s Supplement Guide for more information!

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Handcrafted With:

  • Organic Cloves
  • Organic Cinnamon
  • Organic Calendula
  • Organic Neem Oil
  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Candelilla Wax

That’s all, folks! Ingredients listed here are exactly what you’ll find in your product – nothing more, nothing less.



Rub a small amount on yeast rashes as needed.

May be used for:

  • Athlete’s foot
  • Jock itch
  • Yeast diaper rashes
  • Cradle cap
  • And more


Shelf Life: 1 year. For topical use only.  Safe on babies 6 months and up in small amounts, as well as for pregnant/breastfeeding women.  Do not allow ingestion.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.

56 reviews for No More Yeast Salve

  1. Lindsay DeYoung (verified owner)

    I’d had a rash type patch in between my breasts for as long as I could remember, and nothing ever helped it. Sometimes it would worsen and I’d have almost open or raw spots; other times it would just be bumpy. I saw this and decided to try it. Cleared it up in just a few applications. I’d also seen a comment somewhere about someone who said this worked better than the mineral deodorant for her, so I tried it. I can’t say it keeps me odorless all day, but it’s surprisingly effective. Yeah, the smell is a little strong, but I don’t really mind it that much ‍♀️

  2. Katrina Rehder (verified owner)

    So, i bought this for my husbands weird neck fungus and it worked amazing! Im only giving 4 stars because it is impossible to get him to keep it on because he hates the smell.

  3. Danielle (verified owner)

    I applied this to my armpits and the stink was…..GONE!
    Yes, gone. This is crazy! I haven’t used conventional deodorant on years and anyone who doesn’t knows how you can reek not long after a shower or the application of safer deodorants, especially in the heat. I had an idea to rub some of this on my pits and boom, stink gone!

  4. Kris Hyatt

    I am so grateful I found this salve. For years now I’ve dealt with terrible candida that has been impossible to get rid of. I’ve tried everything. Prescription pills, Nystatin cream, Monistat, Lotrimin Cream, everything you can purchase over the counter and I’ve spent a ton in prescriptions to try to get rid of this horrible fungal infection. I stopped eating yeast and dairy, cleaned up my diet, changed my clothing to only cotton, stopped wearing bras altogether and NOTHING worked. I’ve been using this salve once daily for 4 days now and it’s about 90% gone. The patchy redness and itch are gone and the skin is starting to finally heal after about 6 years now of having to deal with this. I tried this product because there was literally nothing left for me to try and I was miserable dealing with a burning, itching chest and tired of seeing doctors only to be given the same meds that didn’t work any time I took them. I’m so glad I decided to try this. It’s amazing and the neem oil doesn’t even bother since I know what this salve can do.

  5. Sarah W. (verified owner)

    Other than the smell (which is a little rough and after using at night I shower in the morning, it reminds me too much of when I worked at a restaurant..) I love this stuff! Summer is rough and I seem to constantly have a yeast/fungal rash in my armpits so much so my doctor put me on a prescription cream that is far from natural and comes with not so fun side effects. Glad to have this as a go to instead! Also works great for diaper yeast infections!

  6. Jordan Long

    The smell is strong, but it works so well! Other than using it for a yeast diaper rash, I’ve used it to clear up cradle cap super fast!

  7. Cyndi Voss (verified owner)

    My grandson broke out with a rash that was burning & itching we decided to try the No Yeast Salve. Happy to say my grandson now owns his own jar it worked like a miracle for him! Thank you

  8. Elizabeth Jones

    my husband suffered with athletes foot over the summer due to his profession. We tried powders, creams, and prescriptions….nothing really helped. Since using this product we haven’t had any issues. The smell is a little off putting but boy does it don’t he job. His feet no longer itch, no longer peel, and we have this on our monthly order list.

  9. Sierra (verified owner)

    Unfortunately, I was not a fan of this product. It smells terrible and is even hard to wash the smell out of my hands after applying. I would probably be okay with this if it actually worked, but unfortunately for me it didn’t. I would like not to waste it so I’m hoping to find other use for it besides yeast.

  10. Brittany (verified owner)

    I like this product it goes on nicely. I used it for a few days and it just seems to be keeping the yeast rash at bay, but not quite getting rid of it. The smell is very overpowering and does linger. It’s like some sort of burnt vegetable smell. Overall, I do like it though.

  11. Erin (verified owner)

    My son had a yeast diaper rash and I used this and it cleared it right up! Would recommend!

  12. kandi fabri (verified owner)

    As everyone says, it smells weird – but Neem Oil smells weird – whatever – I didn’t buy it for the scent, but for what it does, and let me tell you…. IT WORKS! I have psoriasis under my breasts and in skin folds, but in the summer it worsens because it also mixes with yeast. I can’t use topical steroids in those areas, so I’m left to suffer. FOR YEARS – I did just that – suffered, until one day someone mentioned it could also be yeast – so I bought this product on a whim and in a DAY it was cleared up. I couldn’t believe it, so I continued to use it all summer just as a test and I’m completely amazed. Wish I had known about it sooner!

  13. Venessa

    I bought this for my hubby for his work feet itchy spot. It worked so well he told friends about it. That’s pretty big coming from my hubby.

  14. kirstie (verified owner)

    Smells super funky, but it does work!
    Definitely recommend.

  15. Jennifer (verified owner)

    So grateful I found this!
    I tried everything to help
    My athletes foot. The bottom of my foot looked horrible! So embarrassing. I’ve tried everything from over the counter to prescription pills and nothing helped. The second I tried this it looked better. Then a week later I had a normal foot again! It’s wild. The fungus that took over my toenails is still there, but I expected that and this salve even makes the nails softer and less gross looking. By recommendation I’m adding the candida cleanse and gut health oil to try and beat this yeast for good! So grateful for earthley, we’ve been suing their products for years and LOVE everything.

  16. Alyssa Anastasia (verified owner)

    This stuff works great on yeast diaper rashes. My youngest got one and we had never dealt with one before, however I’ve heard horrible stories from other people about dealing with yeast. This stuff had it cleared fully within 24 hours! I was impressed. The neem is a strong smell, but it’s a compromise I’m willing to take to keep chemicals away from my family.

  17. Staci Gomez (verified owner)

    My husband and I have both used this product and it is wonderful!

    I used it for a yeast infection that I could feel coming on and after one application overnight it was gone!

    My husband used it for stubborn athletes foot. He has found if he puts it on everyday his itching goes away and the rough parts on his feet start to clear. (He is still working on being consistent to put it in when the itching stops to see if it completely clears.) Also he doesn’t mind the smell at all and actually likes it! He thinks it smells similar to roasted coffee. Thank you for a yeast salve that isn’t toxic and is safe to use!

  18. B (verified owner)

    This stuff is a life saver! During my pregnancies for my two kids my hormones gave me awful yeast issues. This cleared it up in hours. The smell was tough for me. I’d give it 5 stars of they could use something to overpower the smell of the neem oil. Does the job though!

  19. Lori (verified owner)

    I did order the no more yeast salve and tried it on my foot that had athlete’s foot on it. I kept using it hoping it would work for me. I don’t know if it would have worked on the athlete’s foot but I had a problem with my skin getting red and decided that I would stop since I think I was having an allergic reaction. My skin is really sensitive and I asked earthly if this is common and they said no. Most people do not have any kind of reaction. Earthley was wonderful with me a partial refund. I am thinking maybe I was allergic to one of the herbs in it so I will be careful not to use those herbs until I’m sure what caused it. I definitely would have rather continue using the yeast no more sad than traditional medicine. I still recommend the product and it’s worth at least to try. The neem oil smell to dissipate so that was not so much a problem.

  20. Wilma Browning (verified owner)

    No more yeast salve is the best.Had a raging yeast infection for weeks. This eliminated it in a few days. Fast relief.

  21. Jennifer Deane (verified owner)

    I tell people that if you want to smell like apple blossoms, then this isn’t the product for you. However, if you want to knock out any kind of yeast infection FAST, this stuff is amazing! I have suffered from fungal rashes under my breasts for years. The best natural cure I found was raw honey, but it was messy & took a while to see results. This stuff works almost overnight. It was no more than 2 days for a bad infection! I’ve since used it on diaper rashes & anything else fungal-looking with great success. The smell is from the neem oil & kind of smells like burnt onions…but it’s worth it!

  22. Rebekah (verified owner)

    Great for yeasty diaper rashes! My babe had been battling a diaper rash and I though my usual cream was starting to heal it, but it came back with a vengence… very red and yeasty looking. I applied No More Yeast Salve before bed and it was already TONS better by morning! Used for a few more days and the rash is totally healed. The salve does smell strong because of the neem, but well worth it for its healing powers!

  23. Vicki (verified owner)

    This is the only product that I’ve found that has actually helped clear the rash on my son’s face. Great product to help a tough problem!

  24. Jadegetzcena (verified owner)

    This stuff needs 10 stars.
    I had the worst yeast infection of my life and nothing I used would soothe it at all! Even over the counter creams.
    I got this in the mail and ran to apply it. And it was like putting a forest fire out finally!
    This is a must have for every woman!

  25. Jennifer

    The reviews were very compelling, so I tried this for a widespread, itchy, angry-red candida rash. It is every bit as effective as all the reviews say. I’m so glad I found this product!

  26. Katie (verified owner)

    Yes, the smell is strong, but this stuff WORKS. It is powerful and effective.

  27. Priscilla Sanchez (verified owner)

    If you have a sensitive nose this product is not for you. It may very well work, but I had to stop using it after one use because the smell was so overwhelming. Please understand that this is not a comment on whether or not it works since I only was able to use it once. I never thought I had a strong gag reflex, but I was never able to use it again.

  28. Kristen

    I never ever write reviews but this was an amazing product. I was prescribed a topical and oral cream for breast thrush and after 2 weeks nothing changed. After reading previous reviews on this product, I decided to give it a try. This stuff worked so well. If you’re on the fence about getting it, just do it. It’s so affordable, gets delivered quickly, and is natural. I wish I had bought this stuff sooner. My 11 month now has the very beginnings of a yeast diaper rash from diarrhea and I have more faith in this product than other prescribed creams for him.

  29. Shanna (verified owner)

    My husband has struggled with a fungal infection on several areas of his skin for a couple years now. For a long time he used prescription creams and body washes, but they never got rid of the rashes, only “maintained” them. After reading about natural remedies, we wanted to try something with calendula in it. We found a couple other “natural” products that he liked better than the prescription products, but again the rashes never got very much better. Then he stumbled upon No More Yeast Salve while I was looking on the Earthley website for a different product. We ordered it and within a day of using it he saw significant improvement. The rashes are almost completely gone now. The smell is odd, but he was prepared for that based on other reviews. Application is also very easy, but it sometimes takes a while to dry on the skin. Other than the necessary smell, and sometimes having to wait a little while to dress completely after application, he’s absolutely thrilled with it.
    I’m also very happy to have looked through other reviews about this product. After reading others’ success with cradle cap and dry spots behind ears, I’ll be trying this on my daughter. Looking forward to see how it does! Thanks!

  30. April Dehm (verified owner)

    THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! It works much better than Nystatin!! My 5yo had a yeast infection and we used nystatin for 7 days and it did nothing. 3 days of this and it was gone! And feeling much better. Amazing! We swear by it now 😉

  31. Lauri (verified owner)

    I bought this cream almost a year ago, and honestly can’t remember why I did. So the cream pretty much just sat on the shelf. But not long ago I had a stinky, painful rash, that I get occasionally, especially in the summer, and it occurred to me that it might be a candida rash. I looked it up and sure enough, the rash definitely fit the description. So I pulled out this cream and tried it, and it was like a miracle cream, within 24 hours the rash, the pain, and the skink were completely gone. And since then, whenever the rash threatens again I just keep the area clean and dry and use this cream and the rash disappears. What a relief!

  32. wmdm (verified owner)

    A terrible underarm reaction was calmed immediately with this salve! Also has been used on my granddaughters chemical burn from horrible toxic diapers we had to use in an emergency! Thank you for this product!

  33. Jolynn (verified owner)

    I had pretty much given up on finding a natural topical cure for yeast rashes. All the essential oils made my rashes angry that they had been disturbed. This stuff works! Stinky, but not worse than the pain of that awful rash! Now I don’t have to wait for the lifestyle changes to take effect before I can start feeling better.

  34. Beth Rogers (verified owner)

    I keep this on hand for those diaper rashes you’re not quite sure if its yeast or not. I don’t want to use an OTC antifungal on my baby and I love that we can use this instead. The smell isn’t as awful as I was expecting by some of the other reviews.

  35. Andrea (verified owner)

    I was really excited to have this on hand for my kids yeast diaper rashes. Sure enough, my 10 month old developed a yeast rash. I applied this every diaper change. It started looking better for 4-5 days and then I think the rash overcame it and the yeast rash got so bad and my son was so uncomfortable with it. We had to switch to traditional antifungal. I was super bummed though. Customer Service responded quickly and said they will refund us for the product.

  36. Jessica

    I’m so happy we found this product as it has become our go to for fungal\yeast issues.

  37. ruadhan09 (verified owner)

    This stuff works – and fast. I use it on my toddler and baby. I do hate the neem oil smell, so I just apply it with a q-tip.

  38. (verified owner)

    Smells funky, but totally works! My husband was having some breakouts on his feet from being in hot, sweaty boots all day, and this helped out! He was definitely not pleased with the scent, haha, but it works!

  39. Kristi (verified owner)

    Results after one application!

  40. Maria Muniz (verified owner)

    This product is amazing! I have dealt with dry, cracked heels for years (from athletes foot I believe) I tried everything, anti fungal medicines, creams, lotions, etc.. nothing has ever worked. My feet were so bad I was embarrassed to wear sandals or walk barefoot. I’ve only used this 4 days and my feet aren’t cracked or peeling. They are starting to feel soft again! I’d highly recommend it!

  41. Stacy (verified owner)

    My husband is a skeptic of all things and he is sold on this. It’s getting rid of his athletes foot after one use. It’s amazing the progress in one use

  42. Danielle (verified owner)

    This product was a lifesaver! My 10 month old daughter had a yeast diaper rash for what seemed like forever. I tried a number of products and things like apple cider vinegar to no avail. Plus, the ACV dried out her poor delicate skin. Her doc prescribed an anti-fungal cream but I wanted to avoid that if I could. Enter.. No More Yeast Salve! Her rash looks a million times better! I was beginning to think it would never go away. Thanks Earthly!

  43. pony6686 (verified owner)

    Used this on rash on my leg which cleared up in a few days. One application on rash between toe made a very noticeable difference. It hasn’t totally cleared up after a week but except it to be gone soon. I was not overwhelmed by the smell even though I am very sensitive to certain scents.

  44. BethieBean (verified owner)

    I used this for some yeast rash my daughter had behind her ears and in her belly button. I have only used it once and the salve has seemed to keep it at bay. You just have to get used to the smell:)

  45. Alisha (verified owner)

    I really like how well this salve works. Thankfully, I am familiar with using neem oil. I do find myself looking to see where the burned smell is coming from hours later. Aside from the pungent neem, this product works so well. I did try adding some tea tree oil, which combated the lasting power of the neem, and did not seem to compromise the effectiveness. I don’t know that doing so would work for everyone based on compounded sensitive areas being treated and the nature of fragile skins. Thanks earthley for a great product that does what it is supposed to do!


    This has been life changing for our family!
    I have suffered from a fungal skin rash for about 15 years and nothing has worked; but this stuff is a miracle in a jar! My legs are rash free since about week 2 of everyday use!!!
    It also works for “personal” care.
    Yeast infections can be a drag, but just a little amount and it’s gone pretty much over night! Which helps when my daughter is in the hospital.
    I would recommend 100%
    *warning* smell for first hr is very onion’ish

  47. Sacha

    As someone who has struggled with chronic Candida, I was very anxious to give this salve a try… it has worked out great!!! I had external yeast in my belly button (eeew!!) and 24 hours after applying this salve, it had cleared!

  48. Jessica

    My son has had a relentless fungal infection on his face for months that has stumped the dermatologists, despite several high doses of prescription meds. After a day of using this salve, I could see a noticeable difference in the severity of his rash, it’s appearance, and how much it irritates him. He complains about the smell, but if it makes him better, we’re willing to persist. Earthly hasn’t let us down yet!!!

  49. Kara Warner

    Got this for my daughter’s cradle cap that just wouldn’t go away. Coconut oil, scrubbing, etc didn’t help long term. The smell of this salve is kind of like weird onions so I put it on for an hour before bath time or right before bed. I only had to use it a couple of times and some light brushing for the cradle cap to disappear. Been a few weeks and still no cradle cap!

  50. Heather Faulder (verified owner)

    This has been a life saver for my toddlers foot fungus from his feet sweating so much. I put it on at night time when he has a flare up and it only takes a couple days to clear up!

  51. Bethany (verified owner)

    This one smells a bit odd, but it worked oh-so-well to clear up my son’s yeast rash around his nethers & the crusty around the back of his ears. It is soothing & healing, and I’ve even used it on raw noses during colds!

  52. mimom2one (verified owner)

    Works great. I just got this with my recent order. After using a conventional yeast cream with little success. My skin is so much better after just one use. I will say it does smell a little Luke burnt rice.

  53. Mindy Heald

    I have tried a lot of things for when my athletes foot flares up, the itching can drive me crazy! I am happy to report that with this the itching stopped almost immediately and with just a couple of uses it cleared up. The smell can be a little off-putting but it is so worth it!

  54. Sara Tella

    Haven’t needed to use this yet, BUT I’m happy it’s in my medicine cabinet for the family. I’m glad I found a product that will work for everyone in the family and is organic. Never had to treat yeast before but now I have something that will treat it and a brand I can trust! That’s important!

  55. Madeline Schmitt (verified owner)

    This is a life saver! My daughter had a terrible diaper yeast infection and this salve cleared it almost completely overnight! It has a very strange smell thats alittle hard to get past but trust me that you will once you see how it works!

  56. curlyheather (verified owner)

    This is a miracle product , truly. The smell is intense and not like all my other yummy smelling products from Earthley. It is the neem oil that is the culprit I am sure. Probably best used at night, the smell dissipates and is well worth the results!

    • Earthley

      We agree that the Neem Oil smells a little weird, but it is needed to make the product as effective as possible, while still being 100% organic and natural 🙂

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