Postpartum Balance


Have a smoother postpartum recover!  Better hormone balance, more energy, and balanced mood.



Pregnancy is a big deal…and postpartum recovery matters!  That’s why we created our new Postpartum Balance formula.

Immediately after a baby is born, a lot of physical changes take place.  A mama’s pregnancy hormones are rapidly declining, her milk is coming in, and she’s trying to recover from giving birth.  It’s a lot to handle all at once!

A mama needs some help.  Any mama, no matter how healthy she is or how awesome her prenatal care has been.  She needs some physical support to get through all of the changes that come along with giving birth!

That’s where our Postpartum Balance comes in.  Our formula supports healthy liver function, so that a woman’s body can break down the no-longer-needed pregnancy hormones. One of the biggest reasons women struggle with hormone balance is because their livers aren’t breaking down hormones the way they should!  This promotes overall hormone balance and better recovery.

It also has alfalfa, to promote healthy vitamin K levels and reduce bleeding.  (Plus, it’s a nutritional powerhouse and can help to increase milk supply!)

Catnip is rich in many B vitamins, promoting even mood.  Turmeric root also reduces inflammation and promotes optimal gut health, as well as normal hormone production.

Many women will experience greater energy, too, from nourishing their bodies well with this herbal formula!

All together, our Postpartum Balance supports a healthy postpartum recovery — balanced mood, physical recovery, and more.  Enjoy a smoother, more relaxed postpartum time…naturally.

Mama and Baby

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Organic herbs (turmeric, black pepper, dandelion root, catnip, alfalfa) organic alcohol, filtered water


Take 20 – 30 drops (about 1 dropper full) 2 – 3x per day or as needed.


Safe for all ages.

Do not use if you have lupus or a clotting disorder without talking to a health care professional.


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