Sun Soothe After-Sun Lotion

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Soothe sore, burned, or dry skin fast, with Sun Soothe!



Gorgeous summer days lead to spending many hours outside, enjoying the sun.  And, sometimes…a little bit of sunburn, which is not so fun at all.

It’s pink or red and hot to the touch.  Possibly painful, too.  It’s too late to prevent…so now, it’s time to soothe it — naturally.

Sun Soothe to the rescue!

Sun Soothe is a simple body cream, infused with four nourishing, calming herbs.  Plantain, lavender, calendula, and comfrey help to speed healing and calm irritated skin — fast.  Within moments of applying it, you’ll notice the burn cooling.

Grapeseed oil, cucumber seed oil, and mango butter nourish the poor, dried-out skin, and prevent the awful itchiness and peeling that burns sometimes get after a day or two.  And the pain…did we mention, it’s gone?

Sun Soothe is safe to use on all ages, anywhere on the body — including the face.  Keep some on hand for those inevitable days when the sunscreen is forgotten or just didn’t work.

Plus, it’s a great general lotion for any dry or sore skin, so use it all year around!

The best part?  No compromise ingredients!  We don’t use artificial scents, colors, preservatives, or anything else questionable.  Only pure, natural butters, oils, and herbs.  This product is also vegan!

Sun Soothe is a must-have for all families who enjoy being outdoors during the summer, especially those prone to minor burns or dry skin.


Grapeseed oil, organic cucumber seed oil, organic mango butter, organic herbs (lavender, calendula, comfrey, and plantain).


Rub a small amount on dry, red, or sore skin.  Reapply as needed.


Safe for all ages.

3 reviews for Sun Soothe After-Sun Lotion

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was on a FL trip for a week and on day 3 decided to layout with out any protectant on my skin (I know… I know).
    Welp I fell asleep listening to the ocean and 3 hrs later…. The skin that was once pale, was as red as a Lobster!
    I brought along Sun Soothe as it was new and I figured I was going to get a little sun, and thank goodness I did. Let me tell you. I had instant relief! I applied it 3-4 times as needed for a 4 days then only once a day after because the renders and pain was gone, but I dident want my skin to peel.
    Love this product and I will be Buying again!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Paula Stevens

    I applied this to a section of my daughters shoulder/neck section that she forgot to apply sun shield to . It was a really bad burn so i ordered some of this and applied it 4 days after the burn ( due to ordering & shipping time) and it looked so much better after 2 applications. This really heals and moisturizes the skin.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Krystin Morse (verified owner)

    Works amazing! Being a mother of two I orften forget about applying sunscreen to myself and end up getting burned. This has been a miracle worker this summer, helps soothe and reduce peeling. It also works great on cooking burns!

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